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  1. I guess my nearsightedness is to blame on my bisexuality then. I wonder,
    will it get worse every time I suck a cock?

    Anyway, good job on earning yourself an article on Right Wing Watch buddy,
    you’ve probably had some real close counters with basic human reasoning and
    logic on your journey.

  2. Homosexuality leads to blindness.

    Masturbation leads to blindness.

    Touching yourself is sort of a homosexuality act since you are a guy and
    guy touching penis is the gay.

    Therefore, homosexuality equals blindness. What’s to argue here?
    Faith-based math adds up perfectly.

    A+ report. *one ticket to heaven reserved*

  3. *Actually not just gay sex but normal sex leads to blindness as well.*
    In college a girl of my class got punched by a dick in the eye while she
    was giving her boyfriend a blow job. And a girl once pinched me an eye with
    her nipple while we were making the cowgirl position. That’s why boys and
    girls practice safe sex, use a helmet and some googles.

  4. I’m tempted to have sex with a guy now. If the sex is so good you go blind,
    that sounds worth it on ever level. 

  5. Bryan Fischer is just going to stay pissed at the progress of humanity,
    spew lies and die angry. All that hate and stupidity in your heart is never
    a good thing. Its amazing to watch someone like Fischer get crazier every
    time we see him.

  6. Study says there are massive health benefits in having gay sex – basically
    you get colon cleaning whenever you do it leading to better eyesight and

  7. The Christian doo, doo heads never cease to amaze me with their xenophobic
    mentality, and pure hatred for people that has
    done absolutely nothing to them at all.Their outlandish bigotry sickens me,
    and I find their obsession with trying to spread hatred against gays creepy
    to say the least.Îf you’re a Christian, and you do things like this, or if
    you make a living doing these things, you have some serious mental
    issues. Live your own life, mind your own business, and stop worrying about
    what two consenting adults are doing.

  8. Please, can someone explain how anal sex or/and oral sex between men leads
    to the deterioration of the optic nerve? This fool probably still checks
    for hair on his palms every time he was a wank.

  9. Bryan, you have no idea what you’re talking about, and it’s obvious. What
    gave your ignorance away? Because… *no one is telling anyone else “go
    stick your dick in another dude”*. It just doesn’t happen, you imbecilic

  10. So does this mean that anal sex with women lead to blindness–it’s funny
    that they target homosexuality specifically rather than tackling sex acts
    like anal sex or scissoring.

  11. You forgot to mention his part about how he said that people who are
    against LGBT people are more loving than those who are for them. Yes,
    because being a hateful bigot, taking away people’s rights, telling them
    that they’ll burn in hell if they don’t “change,” constantly trying to
    scare them out of loving what is, in their mind, the “wrong” person, yeah,
    that’s soooooo much more loving than those who just want equal rights and
    feel that there’s nothing wrong with 2 consenting adults who love each
    other doing whatever they want so long as it doesn’t hurt anybody. -_-

  12. You’re anti-blowjob? I’ll fucking kill you in the street, motherfucker.
    I’ll see your dome cracked and split open with brains leaking out into a
    pool of blood if you ever get that bill passed. And then I’m going to skull
    fuck your wife to death and impale your children on flag poles so I can
    watch their blood coat the whole thing. That’s how serious I am about blow
    jobs. Fuckin faggot. I hate conservatives like this.

  13. So babies that are born blind did gay shit in the womb? If how good your
    eyesight by your levels of gayness then I must have bisexual when I was 8
    because that’s when I needed glasses and I must be getting gayer as the
    older I get the more depend on my glasses to see.

  14. Well, that explains why Fischer can’t see how much of an idiot he is.

  15. I’m almost agreeing with Bryan here, but my approach is different. Hey gay
    guys, why don’t you use some fucking rubbers so you spread LESS disease and
    give LESS ammunition to assholes like Fischer? Then you can fuck and suck
    and “come” all you want!

  16. Bryan Fischer is so concerned for all the gay people. He loves them so much
    and it breaks his heart that they are all going to go blind. Does he really
    believe anyone with two brain cells to rub together listens and believes
    anything he has to say about being gay?

  17. Hahaha fucking Kyle. I love your long pauses after you show some footage of
    someone saying something fucked up.

  18. Conservatives are the internet trolls of the real world. Do not feed the
    trolls guys.. just don’t.

  19. Well, it is true that homosexuality causes blindness; however, the only
    people who become the victims are the right-wing fanatics of this country.
    They’re too blind to see that homosexuality is something that normally
    occurs in nature.

  20. So this is why the floats keep crashing into each other every year at Gay
    Pride. Because buttfucking causes blindness. It all makes so much sense
    now. Sarcasm.

  21. i’m confused now i thought masturbation caused blindness does homosexuality
    cause harry palms too

  22. I remember the narrative used to be that masturbation lead to blindness.
    Soon enough abortions will lead to blindness. Oh how times have changed. 

  23. Isn’t this like when a Saudi doctor tried to convince women that driving
    caused problems with their overies?

  24. “Who’s anti-blowjob? That’s insanity!”

    Lot of guys gonna show this video to their girlfriend.

  25. It’s all about the love. Yeah, right. I am glad he does not love me. That
    would be really depressing.

  26. It’s official.

    Fisher is racist against chinks (Asians). Way to go bryan. Hating on our
    yellow compatriots. 

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