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  1. David Mills talks about his book, Atheist Universe, with David Pacheco.

    “Minnesota Atheists”, Positive Atheism in Action since 1991

    He sweetly included me in the video adaption of the interview on YouTube.
    Please check it out! And if you haven’t read his book yet, please do!

  2. it shouldn’t matter what you believe, no one should regulate what you say
    besides yourself. anything that regulates or tells you, you can’t say a
    specific thing without just cause is not something i would follow, besides
    my mother, kuz she woulda whooped my ass in my younger years

  3. I met David when he was a teenager and still remember the look of shock on
    his face when he heard me say “F**K god” the first time. I was about 12
    years older than David and had tossed my bible in the trash after reading
    it for a second time while I was in the Navy. David was a very good bowler
    and I got him to join my adult bowling team when he was in his teens. I’m
    hopefull that I had at least a little influence on opening his eyes to the
    fact the god is almost as real as the tooth fairy!

  4. i dont see why we shouldnt, i mean is it not ok to say bless or blesh (what
    i thought it was) you when someone sneezez by any age, saying OH MY GOD or
    OH MY GOSH is a conditioned response, not having much of a meaning rather

  5. You’re the best representative for atheism I’ve ever seen, Ava. I really
    appreciated your giving me permission to use your wonderful photos. I do
    hope that we can meet someday. David

  6. As always, your insight is incredibly spot on, David! Thanks so much for
    including me in your video. You’re the best!

  7. So smart! Can’t wait to read your book. Glad to see there are others out
    there that think, and don’t just believe what was taught to us as children.

  8. Atheists are “allowed”, not “aloud” [ you say it like someone regulates
    what we`re permitted to do, which is fucking ridiculous in itself ] to say
    whatever the fuck they want. I mean, just because theists reject reality
    and science and don`t believe in either, that doesn`t mean they can`t use
    the words.

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