10 Comments on “How a stutterer found a voice: Rashad Nimr at TEDxGreensFarmsAcademy”

  1. I stutter too, but this is painful to watch. He has some issues he has to
    deal with first, like not using these jerking and convulsing movements to
    break through a verbal block. This makes him look crazy, and distracts
    people almost entirely from what he is saying. He needs some speech therapy
    in how to deal with this problem and not resort to these physical
    behaviors. Using this audio feedback is not realistic, you can’t go through
    life hearing everything like your in robot world. It takes enormous mental
    effort to deal with stuttering, and there is no real cure, but anyone can
    make big improvements. 

  2. I stutter too. I devised my own way of beating it, but it is always there
    like a monster in the cupboard. If you’ve never stuttered imagine this.
    DON’T BLINK!.. I bet most of you reading this blinked almost immediately
    before you had time to think. Stuttering and twitching are not a conscious
    decision, and the conscious decision to fight them is as easy as not
    blinking with sand in your eye. 

  3. I have a speech disorder too – It’s pretty restricting in day to day life
    with socialising in terms of “freedom” to speak to people you don’t yet
    know. it’s like a barrier blocking you off from making new friends at
    times. It isn’t so bad around friends / family and people I know but people
    I don’t? Yeah, I may be a while trying to convey a message. I think it has
    a lot to do with nerves and especially in public speaking like this guy
    just did, is extremely hard for someone with a speech problem

  4. Waw, he’s a great dude! I like people like him, who are willing to step out
    there and make their voices heard. 😀

  5. Godamn just spit it out already… You know you were thinking it
    motherfuckers, don’t judge me.

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