2 Comments on “How far has Britain come when it comes to gay rights?”

  1. Gays can do whatever they want – but adopting children is a no! IF they
    want children – try shitting one out – if it happens and a child comes out
    – then its supossed to be like that – if not – thet nature has not meant it
    that way

  2. Don’t like to discuss this. Personally I don’t like it when this gets
    discussed. Simply because I believe that it isn’t a big deal because it’s
    just two people getting married. If anything if anyone who is a
    atheist/humanist/or in the LGBT community – like myself – we should use a
    different word from ‘marriage’ because the word ‘marriage’ has deep
    religious connotations attached with it. I would just have equal rights
    across the board for gay/transgender people because they are just humans
    just like the rest of humanity. Then we should just end all discussions
    about ‘how does it feel to get married?’, it’s just sick that we need to
    discuss it… equal right for every orientation.

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