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  1. @arkum89 I’m sorry but that is such bullshit! NO ONE is able to chose who
    they are attracted to! If they were do you think the victims of homophobic
    bullying would like to stay in that position?! NO. Yes, some believe and
    love themselves for being in the LBGT community but some do not. Just like
    the victims of racism don’t CHOOSE to be black.

  2. There, Obama said it. He is completely for gay rights and marriage amoung
    all people! 🙂 God creates all humans in the image of himself. Why would he
    create millions of human beings in his image, if he were to deny them in
    his holy land?

  3. ACTS238SAVESdotorg, I believe that God loves everyone and wants us to love
    ourselves and others. To me, it’s that clear and simple and makes the most
    sense. I do respect your religious beliefs, though I do wonder if you are
    reciting Biblical versus as a follower akin to eating soup and not spending
    time to think for yourself, challenging anything anywhere (Bible or not)
    within your mind, towards developing a stronger and more comprehensive
    understanding of things (Bible or not).

  4. Best president ever! 😛 Thank you Obama for standing up for us. I will
    vote for you again in a heartbeat and so will all of my pflag members

  5. He’s happy to speak here but turns down the national day of prayer.
    Honestly, I do not care if he attends the day of prayer event or not but
    quit calling yourself a Christian; please. As for the Gays and lesbians
    here, you, too, are free to exercise whatever life style that you choose to
    pursue. Please just stop saying that this is the preferred lifestyle and
    that everyone should embrace and applaud it. Non gays have rights also and
    you should stop imposing your choice on the rest of us.

  6. for 23 years of my life living as a dyke ain’t that hard at all…in
    Philippines where people are conservative, already gotten into their minds
    there is no such thing as being different…we all have our freedom to
    live, love & choose who we wanna be & wanna be with in the future…so
    people who do discrimination like KOBE BRYANT & JOAKIM NOAH to LGBTs have
    the smallest bean sized brain….

  7. and…? Look, I don’t mean to come off as offensive, but…not EVERYONE
    believes in the Bible. And since that’s what’s so GREAT about AMERICA,
    there’s no rule or law that says we have to follow the Bible. So let’s
    leave the Bible out of the law, and maybe we can leave the law out of the

  8. Those bible verses might mean something if the bible was actually TRUE. LOL
    Stop using a book of myths and sketchy history to justify your prejudices.
    Next thing you’ll do is pull out the book of Mormos or Grimms Fairy tales
    to try and prove a point lol

  9. I live in Canada, was a Hilary supporter so I never paid much attention to
    him. This sounds like a leader the US needs. Good speech BO!


  11. Not fast enough…not much progress…not much effort put forth. Making
    gays, once again, a back burner, closeted issue. I’d like some progress
    now, please…

  12. I am saddened that we still have folks around who use the bible to justify
    denying LGBT people equal rights. As a straight non-White person, I still
    don’t understand how some people can complain about ‘racism’ or
    ‘anti-Mormonism’ and then turn around and deny an entire group of human
    beings their due process, dignity, and equality under the Constitution. How
    can you see a woman with tears in her eyes because she can’t marry the
    person she loves or hold her hand in public, and NOT be moved??

  13. Thanks Mr. President for an awesome speech. I trust you will now act on
    those words and move the ball forward to end DOMA, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and
    pass ENDA. The bible thumpers need to mind their own store and business and
    leave us the F alone..

  14. @Helotes420 They are very involved with suicide hotlines, shelters and
    community centers. They also create petitions and lobby congress, and
    campaign for candidates that support LGBT rights. They do a lot for the
    LGBT community.

  15. @impeachobamanow2010 I take it that you are a redneck bigoted
    no-brainer…. kindly keep your absurd comments to yourself and don’t foul
    the web with your hate

  16. At school I decided to support this by signing myself up into a group that
    talks about these issues. Go Obama!

  17. Our president is a man of character and intelligence. He is the best
    president, by far, that this country has ever had.

  18. @WhiteFlowerLei76 He did! please, tell all your friends to vote for obama.
    EVERY republican candidate (‘cept maybe Ron) is GOING to repeal this.
    PLEASE spread the word

  19. @arkum89 It’s not a choice, just as it’s not a choice to have blue eyes or
    be 6 foot tall — both things I was born with along with an attraction to
    men. Baby, I was born this way!

  20. @impeachobamanow2010 your going to come in with a screen name like that and
    were the brainwashed trolls? obama is not a joke, and will not be impeached

  21. OBAMA 2012, unless you want a Republican president who would never even
    consider attending an HRC event!

  22. @PennTrafford no he is not. as a black man I cant stand this liar/
    hypocrite obama is a fraud politician who will say anything to get what he
    wants,he doesnt care for these ppl he is just using them advance
    himself,the only difference between him&bush is he is abetter liar than
    bush,makin black look bad once again, the truth always come to the light
    obamas time will come,get off this thing compare what he says to what he
    does & you will see he just another hypocritin liar

  23. Simple, His Word declares what sin is, the results of it, and the joy of
    being forgiven of it in and through Christ. You are correct, I DO have my
    own sins to work on, but I try not to continue on in willful disobedience
    and sin. Im certianly not perfect, but it is sure great to know that im no
    longer under the judgement of God – by His grace i have been saved from the
    bondage, power, and consequenses of my rebellion against God. Good stuff!

  24. @eddeld1 I really hate to respond to you, but it seems that Christians seem
    to think that me and a vast majority of LGBT people care what the Bible
    says. I cant speak for everyone, but I dont give a flying flip what it

  25. All the haters need to just leave the video and quite possibly, this
    country. This is 2011, not 1800. The world is no longer ran by all white
    people. And LGBT grow more proud as time goes on. Obama is not a perfect
    man, but a good man.

  26. You undoubtedly have a God-given gift to sing. But if I were a non-believer
    looking at your favorite vids, or reading your stand on various issues, you
    would be a picture perfect example of a valid excuse for someone not to
    come to Christ because theres no difference. Madonna? Transgender stufff?
    God is looking to use those who are not perfect, but as He says, to come
    out from among them.” We must certainly be following different Gods. Christ
    wants a holy people, not a mixed breed.

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