49 Comments on “I Have A Boyfriend!”

  1. You know that I am very glad that you feel comfortable enough to tell me. I
    feel very honored that you told me!

  2. It’s really so nice to see you again Erik. Your successes are only a taste
    of what lies ahead for such a genuine individual.

  3. Congratulations you bender. Why do people give two shits about your cock
    sucking life. You’re just a massive douchebag

  4. Erik, I was wondering what was going on with you. Sounds like great things
    are happening in your life. You now have world travel experience, a college
    degree, a romantic partner, and a beautiful apartment. It has been
    fascinating to watch your life unfold and blossom from that first video;
    and you have helped a lot of young gay folks along the way. Congratulations
    my young friend, and keep us updated.

  5. Oh cool that you studied in Ingolstadt. My mother’s grew up just south of
    Ingolstadt outside of a city called Pfaffenhofen.

  6. So glad to see you again. Great things have happened in your life! Congrats
    on you accomplishments and your boyfriend. May you be really happy

  7. Erik – so great to see you back and smiling big-time! I knew you were still
    out there since I see your comments on other vids. I always said that some
    lucky guy would find you and reciprocate all your great qualities. Be sure
    you both cherish every moment of your relationship – may it last forever.
    Congrats on graduation – with honors! Good luck on the job thing (same deal
    – some lucky employer’s going to get a great worker). Thanks for your vids
    – your courage and honesty continue to inspire!

  8. Wow! Sounds like you are thoroughly enjoying life. Nice digs. Congrats on
    the graduation, and good luck with the job hunt. Looking at an MBA perhaps?
    And you sure sound happy about the boyfriend–and you should. Mechanic, eh?
    I guess he’s good at handling tools then (oh, is that a crass pun). Anyway,
    glad to see you back on YT; had been wondering what had happened to you.

  9. Congratulations on graduating with honors. No surprise, you a very bright
    young man. Hope you find job soon. Very happy to hear you have a partner
    and it has been long term. Sounds like he is a real find. You are the world
    traveler you wanted to be. Once you have become the success I know you will
    be, you will have a villa in Europe too. Gays did very well on election
    day. Good to see you again.

  10. Hi Jim! Congratulations on 21 years. I often see the photos you two take
    together!! It’s always been a real pleasure hearing from you!!

  11. Erik, it s scary in a way to realize how much time has passed since I first
    watched and subscribed to your channel. Time is just flying by so fast. You
    have certainly come a long way and matured so much as a gay man. Thank you
    for sharing your life. You are an inspiration to me and to many others.
    Congratulations on everything–graduating, being able to travel, having a
    boyfriend you’ve moved in with. I know you will find a job, cuz you are
    just that awesome!

  12. It’s good to hear from you. It had been so long since your last video I
    thought you were done with You Tube so I had deleted you. Are you going to
    be making videos again? I hope so, becauseI I am going to add you again.
    I’m happy to hear that your life is going so well, and especially happy
    about your boyfriend. Are we going to meet him?

  13. Im so glad to see you back on… Thought you left the planet.. And a BIG
    CONGRATS on the new boyfriend!! wish we all could be so lucky..

  14. i am 27 now but it is still not the right time. due to some personal
    reasons(family, job, and a few other things) it is not safe actually.
    thanks a lot for your comment.

  15. I AM VERY HAPPY for you the fact that you finally have a boyfriend. I hope
    you’ll make a video with him soon, And I also hope you’ll make videos more
    often, the way you used to.

  16. I wish I could have a boyfriend, but if I’m around people for too long,
    they tend to drive me crazy…

  17. Hello. It’s wonderful to hear from you. I am glad that I have inspired you
    over the past couple of years!

  18. Hello, it is also great to hear from you too. It is nearly two years since
    we had lunch together in Ingolstadt. It was in December 2010. You are lucky
    to be returning to the city. I would like to make it back to Ingolstadt.
    Thanks for the continued invitation to Honolulu!

  19. It’s so good to see you on youtube again! And I’m *really* glad to hear
    that things have been going so well for you. It couldn’t have happened to a
    nicer guy.

  20. That is really cool!! =) Congratulations on graduating with your masters.
    You have also come a long way since you were a little girl! That is very
    awesome. Congratulations!

  21. It’s good to hear from you. It’s fantastic that you have returned to Italy.
    I’ll check out your message.

  22. I’m sure you’ll come out when it’s safe. It’s a huge weight off your
    shoulders. For me it was 35 years ago, but I still remember the relief.

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