20 Comments on “‘I was misunderstood’ says gay row Russian athlete”

  1. What is normal about gay life? The parts do NOT fit – simple as that. If
    the parts do not fit and behaving in a way that pretends they fit is NOT
    normal. Plain and simple. This subject of gaydom is completely out of
    hand and is overlooking the basic simple principle – the parts do NOT fit.

  2. So glad you brought that up, it a human rights issue ! All humans
    regardless of colour, gender or race should be able to marry who they want,
    period. Why it is important to have a the same right to marry as a
    heterosexual couple, its again equal rights. But beyond that, if these
    couple are not married..then legally their families come in like voltures
    and take their next of kinds money, home etc… in many instances; after
    their partners have contributed half their lives and money (cont)..

  3. Now she is under pressure from her Advisers as it may impact her
    sponsorship deals. That’s what’s driving her “I was misunderstood”
    tagline!!! She should have just made no further comment! Personally, I
    don’t care what people do behind their closed doors within the privacy of
    their own homes but why is it now so important for them to have a marriage
    certificate is beyond me, or those gay couples that want to have children
    as well that is selfish, immoral and an unnatural way to bring up kids.

  4. How fucking warped are homosexualities getting these days? My god, “she’s
    not recognizing the normality of our gay and lesbian friends..” It’s not
    normal. If that was normal, none of us would be here today. Get real. She
    was right, if anything I’m mad she backtracked on her principles.

  5. I agree with Yelena initial statement, homosexual is not normal. I’m mad
    that she is backtracking. The Russian gov’t should stand their ground on
    this one.

  6. All these posters agreeing that homosexuality is not normal are sadly
    ignorant.Focusing on the norm is the problem…these athletes are not
    normal in what they can do with their bodies.What percentage of the
    population can be an Olympian?Normal does mean the majority.One example is
    that there will always be males and females born that are infertile and
    they cannot reproduce.Do we have a world population shortage due to

  7. There is not mistake. She said that homosexual people mustn’t show their
    love on the streets because people on her country is not used to see it, so
    it would be disrespectful.

  8. LOL… she is such a hypocritical homophobic liar; who is just concerned
    about the impact it will now have on her financial opportunities.

  9. To have it all taken away..many of then kick out of their own homes; to see
    absolutely nothing, because they had no legal ground to stand on. That is
    why it is IMPORTANT. Simple human rights… we all should be treated

  10. So disappointing to hear they have pressurised her into saying what they
    want. She should not be afraid of telling it how it is. I admired her
    before and support the Russian law. Kids should not have this forced upon
    them. What next marriage and legal sex for pedophiles with kids???? Sick!

  11. Poor English? She speaks English rather well especially considering it’s
    not her mother tongue. A load of rubbish in my opinion.

  12. Why are you being racist? Muslims don’t like faggots, so that means you’re

  13. As I had posted earlier I don’t care how people live there lives but I
    always thought marriage was suppose to be a religious ceremony between a
    man and a woman. Though I am not married myself I believe that is the way
    it should remain. Maybe we should just create a civil partner certificate
    for all other cases and both partners also draft a will! However as far as
    human rights is concerned it could be argued that it is a violation of a
    child’s right to be created by or adopted by a gay couple.

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