10 Comments on “Ian Holloway’s rant on Blatter, Platini and Winter World Cup”

  1. Well done Ian Holloway. Looks like one of the few managers to have the guts
    to stand up and speak out. 2022 should have been held in Australia not in a
    stinking hot desert.

  2. Ian Holloway should Give up running Blackpool and quit football! Lets gets
    the guys how run Blackburn to sack David Cameron! Ian Holloway should be
    prime minister he’d get my vote!! You can quote me on that!

  3. @credster Realistically Qatar shouldn’t even have the world cup. If the
    weather is not suited for a nation that has no regard for football or is
    not ready for that kind of commitment why should every other country have
    to post-pone their leagues just so they can go to the World Cup because it
    was too warm. It’s stupid, Australia should have had it, it does get warm
    there but it would be winter when the tournament takes place. It makes more

  4. @beefboob As the host nation Asian Football Confederation Cup in 2011, i
    believe you are wrong, you can get more information about Qatari football
    here qfa.com.qa

  5. “it’s so important that “they” have “our” tournament, I think I’m a world
    person, aren’t i? I come from England” – i am sure i will get loads of
    abuse for this but other than sounding like an incredibly stupid statement,
    it is typical of the ignorance expressed by some people from my country
    (the UK), does Ian Holloway even know where Qatar is? I don’t agree that
    the tournament date should be moved, but this kind of vitriol is
    embarrassing. Qatar have as much right as the Aussies or the Brits.

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