Ian McKellen on Coming Out

Ian McKellen talked about coming out, saying, “I’ve never met a gay person who’s regretted coming out.” Subscribe to our channel:‪http://www.youtube.com/subs…‬

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  1. Bottom line is that homosexuality exists in all the mammalian species on
    Earth, its a completely normal and natural biological state. Existing only
    in humans, homophobia is the anomaly. 

  2. I was focusing on Gandalf the whole time, and I didn’t notice Bilbo sitting
    next to him. No, I wont call them by their real names…

  3. OMG! I never ever thought in my life that he’s gay and very open about it.

  4. I don’t think i’ve ever heard somebody use the term “sacked” to mean fired
    outside of Harry Potter.

  5. he was such a hero in my eyes..now everytime i see him in the movie i
    imagine how i kissed a man or what ever D: well i need to deal with this

  6. It doesn’t matter if he’s gay he is a legendary actor and I give him the
    utmost respect. I loved his roles as Magneto made me respect him more

  7. I am saddened by this. I am also sick of everyone woo hooing ever time
    someone does come out. I am also VERY tired of people that say fag, homo,
    queer are bastardized by the media and everyone gets this mob mentality
    about it. I do NOT like homos, I do not believe it normal. It takes a man
    and a woman to procreate anything else goes against nature like it or not.
    I do NOT and will not support anything gay or for gays. Oh, and like it or
    not I can still have these beliefs or did this country change?

  8. Here’s an analogy. Let’s say some asshole has a gun, and he fires that gun
    at other people with guns. Those people fire back. Now let’s say that
    asshole has a shield, and the people firing back hit the shield, firing at
    the asshole shooting them. Now you come along and beg for then to stop
    shooting at the shield? Tell your friend to stop hiding behind God like a
    coward–that’s the problem here.

  9. Dude, all of X-Men is actually a metaphor for gay rights, seeing as how
    both Bryan Singer and Ian McKellen were both gay. The quote “have you tried
    not being a mutant?” pretty much confirms that.

  10. What are you doing to fight against homophobia which clearly exists even
    here given how my original comment has been thumbed down so much it was

  11. How’s it logically wrong? You just admit you can’t explain it. What I said
    was true. Another example of incest btw, Lot. Raped by his daughters, yet
    God is A-OK with it. He doesn’t stop it. The innocent man who was screwed
    over by God, not once, not twice, nor three… but four times. Destroyed
    his home, “killed” his wife, force to live in a cave, raped by daughters.
    Rape, incest, gays, gambling etc, were said reasons for sodom and gamoura’s
    down fall. If anything is ill logic, it’s the Bible.

  12. it’s not so much as a ‘romantic view’ as my uncle was in the army and it
    gave him PTSD because of what he had to do. And I understand that people
    might have no choice but when someone WANTS to join the army then why
    shouldn’t they be allowed to? And I understand the aggression too so it’s
    not that I think the army is perfect but at the end of the day they are
    protecting their country. Of course they’re supposed to use appropriate
    methods yet some of them don’t. I was just saying x

  13. So much logically wrong with your premises, I don’t even know where to
    start, so I won’t bother.

  14. oh my gawd, shut the f— up you homophobe….is he hurting you
    emotionally? physically? People are people, leave them alone.

  15. @Victor Oblivion if you are using the word in a derogatory manner you are
    the faggot. : D

  16. I admit, I would’ve never guessed he was gay before I found out. But now
    that I know it, I wonder how didn’t I realize.

  17. * into that sorta thing. It’s pretty gay… Are you trying to tell us

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