5 Comments on “Ian Mckellen on Homosexuality & Christianity.avi”

  1. In every hotel he goes to, he rips out the page in God’s Word about men
    shall not lie as with a woman (Leviticus). Ian completely forgets about
    Romans 1:26-32;1 Corinth. 6:9,10; Rev. 21:8 and many other places where God
    condemns homosexuality. Ian’s problem is that not only does He hate God’s
    Word, he also hates God. The thing is, Ian knows the truth and continues to
    fight God by ripping pages. At least he’s read the truth and when he dies
    (it’s gonna happen) and meets His Maker,Ian will be without excuse. May God
    have mercy on his soul. 

  2. anal lovers! this is so discusting how they can fuk eachother in the ass !!
    this is not make a love but sadomia !!

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