27 Comments on “If You’re Against Gay Marriage, Please Watch This”

  1. Evidently, they have been waiting for a long-long time. That’s nice, but
    I’m against gay-propaganda.

  2. This video doesn’t sway me anything. We shouldn’t be basing law on
    emotions but instead on how it affects society and the constitution. If a
    state recognizes marriage they must recognize gay marriage based on the
    14th amendment.

    Kyle’s talking about rights is a little off. Why should married people get
    certain tax incentives or other special privileges based on law?
    Legalizing gay marriage isn’t about giving them rights, it is about
    following the 14th amendment. Those tax breaks or wills and so on are not
    rights. Also the federal government can’t do anything about gay marriage
    because it would violate the 10th amendment. Take emotions out of the
    argument and more progress will be done. 

  3. I’ve never heard a valid reason for banning gay marriage. It’s amazing we
    are still having this discussion when one side is incapable of properly
    arguing their side.

  4. No, they don’t truly love each other. There’s no sexual complementarity
    there, no union to create a perfect whole.

    A husband can say to a wife something like “you complete me” or “we were
    made for each other”, and the sentiment would be genuine, because men and
    women actually are made for each other. People of the same sex obviously
    weren’t made for each other.

    What these two old ladies felt for each other was more akin to a friendship
    or an infatuation. They can’t love each other the same way a husband and
    wife does.

  5. GOD BLESS THEM ! This is beautiful !
    So glad to see we are finally getting our rights !
    I’ve been with my partner for 16 years now and we’re hoping our state of
    Missouri picks it up soon so we can marry !

  6. all marriage should be illegal, as it gives special rights to people who
    marry over non married people.

  7. That’s amazing. What a great story. I can’t imagine what these women have
    gone through all those years to be together. Scorn and judgment from their
    families, neighbors, politicians, religious officials, etc. To think that
    they stuck it out for so long, despite what society thought, is incredible.
    Love like that is rare and I, for one, am thrilled to know that such love
    can finally be expressed openly and be accepted by so many. Fuck the
    haters, fuck the bigots… Who the fuck are you to tell anyone else who
    they are allowed to love or who they are allowed to be with? Cheers to the
    happy couple!

  8. Well, Kyle, smart people with at least average intelligence know there is
    neither a valid reason against gay marriage, against secularism, for
    theism, etc. But yeah, there are many morons.

  9. Of course there’s an argument against it! Now that those 90 year old ladies
    got married, next they’ll be getting all wild with Rover! (Sarcasm for
    those who don’t know me, and that I support SSM!)

    Damn, they are a beautiful couple even at 90!

  10. Call me ho mo phobic which I am. But the only thing that I am against
    concerning gay marriage is that it not only goes against all moral virtue
    is that it goes against nature. Own own nature. To forsake our nature would
    be to forsake part of our humanity. Forget about religion for a second and
    just look at statistics. Gays are twice as likely to get stds end up
    depressive and mentally ill. And if we allow them to do this would be like
    letting them drown in the river. 

  11. Fuck u n does lesbians going to hell anyways last hurray on earth before
    Satan fucks them in da ass. Lol Jesus laws r more important then urs
    faggots u just mad cause ur gay n can’t get a fine big booty bitch right
    nasty boy!! Stop getting mad. When u died u know the truth so repent before
    is to late like does nasty old lady’s. God Jesus first laws last. So fuck u
    gay lover just cause the government loves u does not mean the people DO. ..

  12. I am gonna tell them no cause queers are unacceptable in ‘MURICA

  13. I don’t care about gay marriage, as long as it’s not stopping me from
    getting some pussy. Lmao

  14. Since being racist is bad PR they needed a new target,believe me they have
    a new target already lined up for when this becomes bad PR.

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