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  1. All Kashmiri pundits are killed by Pakistani terrorist with the help of
    local people,
    Now its its your turn Karma is Back

  2. shame on the Indian police for killing innocent people in Kashmir. Indian
    police dont do anything about the rape crisis that engulfs India. Shame

  3. If the people of Kashmiri hadn’t let the terrorists into India in the first
    place then Indian army would be there right now with laws that protect
    them. Now don’t tell me terrorists are from Pakistan and Kashmiris as such
    are innocent. Someone is feeding and sheltering these terrorists who come
    into our country with the objective of destroying us. If the Kashmiris had
    used peaceful ways to get autonomy it would have been constructive ( tho
    because of our corrupt ridden slow gov. it would have taken time) still
    making up with the terrorist is not helping the cause one bit. Let me give
    a example here. In south there were a lot of protest when Hindi was
    declared a national language as historical records proved the language
    Tamil was atlease 5000 years old and the ppl of TN used democracy and
    representation. There were some violence but the ones with responsibility
    put them down and instructed the rest of the ppl to use peaceful ways of
    protest. Almost after 30 years now Tamil has been made into one of the
    national recognised languages. TN dint resort to terrorist from
    neighbouring countries and kill ppl in India to accomplish this. If fact if
    TN had done the same as those Kashmiri’s did, I dont this TN will be this
    prosperous 2day, it would have been another Kashmir. Poor people in a rich
    state with misguided leaders.

  4. Hinduism is over 4000 years old. Islam is about 1400 years old. India is a
    secular country where all religions can be practised equally. Most Muslims
    living in India are converted Hindus and a percentage of muslims originate
    from Persia. Which ever way one looks at it converted Muslims and
    foreigners want to claim Indian territory (Kashmir) to exclusively practice
    a single religion while suppressing other religions ie: anti secularism.
    Can any Indian tolerate and stomach converts and foreigners laying claim
    to Indian territory for their exclusive occupation..without becoming

  5. Wait till America leaves Afghanistaan then all focus on Kashmir, all azad
    Kashmiris need to rise up and do jihad on these occupiers and oppressors,
    how can these cow worshippers be more manly then us?! Since when have these
    idol worshippers grew the courage to oppress our women and children? In the
    past they couldnt look into our eyes now they are raping our women? Where
    are the men of Islam? We are coming soon inshallah

    understand. Being a muslim i am enjoying enough feedom in india compairing
    from any other country. Pak cnt stand by itself..and asking help from USA
    and China how this will feed u guys.. So plz you guys have forgot your way
    come back we wil welcm you always

  7. Yes, in 1971 Pakistan made some big mistakes because of which it ultimately
    lost West Pakistan as Bangladesh. We are doing same thing now. Till 1965
    Kashmiris were with Indians and wanted to be part of India. When Gandhiji
    was killed there were huge rallies in Kashmir, but not much when Jinnah
    died. But now, out of sheer mismanagement, incompetence & lack of vision we
    have made and are making VERY VERY big mistakes in kashmir. We might have
    to pay a very high price for tht…

  8. if u have a majority in that land you can never deny the people their
    right, you cow piss drinkers claim to have democracy yet u dont knw a basic

  9. (Contd.) What they(journalists and kashmiri muslims sympathiser) could find
    is probably a 6-year old kid on a local kashmiri bus screaming ,” All you
    Kaafirs (Non-muslims ), Mujaahids(Nomads) stay out of our country. Leave it
    and don’t ever come back.” I don’t think that any journalist woul have the
    balls to record any such thing and put it on the internet and give a
    caption saying thus, ” Exploitation of childhood of local kashmiri children
    by locals of kashmir. Is this ( to be continued)

  10. The writing is in Arabic, you say no outside influence ? Kashmiri muslims
    deserve justice, so do the Kashmiri Pundits, they have been killed off and
    pushed out of their own lands. Please Mr Journey man, how bout telling the
    world, more Muslims live in India than Pakistan, such a left leaning one
    sided effort, no wonder nothing can be done for the Kashmiris, its all
    based on a pack of lies. Where is the occupation if Kashmir was India…so
    was Pakistan if you want to be anal. Stirring up trouble.

  11. India have more poor people than the population of Pakistan. India vs
    Pakistan will bring in Muslim countries. Saudi Arabia (one of the world’s
    richest countries) will support Pakistan 100%. Fucking Hindustan will be
    destroyed. Muslim countries have 90% of the world’s oil, India has most of
    the world’s poor. This fucking Indian thinks he’s so tough, you’re a piece
    of shit to the rest of the world. Visit Dubai and see your slave cousins
    working for $50 a month to the Muslim Arabs. JAI HIND

  12. How many times have we heard corrupt politicians and figures using the
    “fabricated lies” excuse in one way or another. Fat indian cop looks like
    he invaded a couple of houses and emptied their refrigerator. But by his
    honesty him being fat would be a fabricated lie too. He’s just “big boned”.


  14. Free Kashmir my ass, Kashmir belongs to India and has always been that way.
    First, Go learn Indian History before talking nonsense, You are from
    Morocco, I bet you don’t even know how to pronounce “Kashmir” and you want
    to stand for a Free Kashmir.. Lol

  15. watch ur Ugly mouth u pussy face cheap Hindu !!! INDIANs are totally
    shemale.. nd shemales can’t fight with MUSLIMS at all…but stupid INDIANs
    always used to watch that kind of Dreems usualy….go back nd keep clean ur
    KALI MATA’s cunt …u cheap slave

  16. A Dose of this language would make you understand :- Follow QUR’AN Surah
    4/97- When the angels take the soul of those who die in sin, They say: “In
    what plight where YOU”????? They replay: “weak and oppressed were we in
    EARTH.” They say: “Was not the Earth of Allah “spacious” enough for YOU to
    move yourself away (from evil)??” Do you understand this or not.. ?? May
    God have his mercy on you What you still here stupid … get the hell out
    of Kashmir..

  17. There should be a UN monitored referendum held in Kashmir similat to what
    happened in South Sudan… the people should be given the option to vote on
    three possible solutions A) Independence B) Integration with Pakistan or C)
    Integration with India … this is the only way this conflict is going to
    end and peace will prevail in the region…

  18. What is happening in Kashmir is not unique, the same thing happening in
    Armenia, Bosnia, Xinjiang, Palestine, Sudan, Philippines or Indonesia.
    Muslims killing all the Natives and claiming the territory for themselves,
    . Indian Military is doing it’s best to prevent Kashmir from going into a
    Lawless state. But Pakistan, Regularly supports Infiltrations of Terrorists
    into Kashmir to further the violence and Terrorism.

  19. I think Pakistan should worry about Baluchistan more, Not Kashmir. I doubt
    Pakistan can facilitate Kashmir today into their territory because Pakistan
    itself has a bad economy and while people of Kashmir may be unhappy with
    the amount of troops places in Kashmir which interferes in their daily
    lives, They would rather be with the world’s growing superpower – India
    rather than be a part of a failed nation that is on the verge of economic,
    civil and political breakdown.

  20. (Contd.) as they won’t get as much emotions and live footages as much as
    here in the heart of the valley. As they definitely can’t get any live
    footage of a kashmiri brahmin being thrown out of their homes, tortured on
    the streets, sons and brothers kille by a flash of sword, a man’s daughter,
    mother, wife ,sister, aunt being forcefully sold into a brothel or worse
    molested in front of them, their jewellery an money taken from them. Would
    they get any such footage? ( To be continued)

  21. No one gives a shit, Go talk someplace else Fake Muslim under Sikh profile,
    Seen enough of you people on you tube.

  22. Lot of rogue elements from Pakistan are doing this by misguiding Indian
    Kashmiri youths.this reporter is a moron go back to your country and better
    film there.

  23. Lol… reporter is like… here r some stone pelters… pan camera… 3
    dudes with pebbles… Lol… Fail

  24. fucking Islamic parasites need the Hindu boots crushed into there heads lol
    europe Pisslam will bring this to your streets .. UK 2020 Bradford
    independence movement Formation of Bradistan UK lol Marseille France

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