39 Comments on “Inside Qatar Airways First Class: Five Stars in the Gulf – the Rocky Rough Version for Mobiles”

  1. Another great video. I do have the same problems with some blocked videos
    in some countries, even if I own the CD personally! So I upload in the
    meantime my videos without supporting music, this is sometimes really
    annoying when children crying and parents fall into youth by playing
    vocably with them… Please see my versions from MUC via LHR to YVR, there
    is one with music and one without. More videos are coming up in the next

  2. BTW: If you are in Germany you only need the addon “Proxytube” for
    Firefox/Chrome and you can watch the “original version” !

  3. I could be flying Qatar Airways soon and iff I will it could be the winning
    ticket. Because we have on event sponsored by Qatar Airways wich is the
    Mosaïcultures and there was a possibility to vote for the sculpture
    indicating the number and fill out the coupon the draw will be on the 15th
    october. Also I have a 3 videos off the Mosaïcultures please check out my

  4. I just flew 2 hours in a hot, sweaty glider over the Az desert. And had a
    Mexican breakfast burrito for brunch after the flight. …. I don’t know
    which I’d prefer right now. But someday I have to try your type of flying.

  5. It was great homer, I think we should consider some sort of contest where
    you have a travel companion on your flights to help review the meal & drink
    & service …. Since it was my idea it’s only fair that I go 1st. 🙂

  6. Wow, it’s a small world! Well, you are very welcome. You were very charming
    and professional in the video.

  7. You have such a wide taste in music, which I love! I never know if I’m
    going to hear classical, country, or rock when I open your videos. I watch
    every one. Thanks for sharing!

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