1. It’s better a child stays in the orphanage or stays in the street than to
    have 2 loving parents, right? Even better that a child has a dad and a mom
    even if they cant get along, than to be raised by 2 mommies or 2 daddies
    that love each other very much and will take good care. For the single most
    important thing for a child is not love and care but to have a mom and a
    dad, how they get along is irrelevant! Warning: this author is known to use
    the art of satire. Every gvt should support love

  2. well i guess we need to learn the hard way as the saying , and untill we
    find out the results of disobedience . Ghanaian like to copy a lot and can
    t see whats good or bad our country is beginning to follow the all the evil
    things going around. Is to let you know that no body is exceptional and its
    looks like the whole world is going the same direction . Its left to an
    individual person to choose which direction to take .Be good to yourself my
    dear . peace and love

  3. yes that is why all countries that have legalised homosexuality are doing
    horrible, countries such as Argentina, the US, Japan, South Korea, Finland,
    Norway, Germany and South Africa. God has truely cursed those countries,
    and blessed countries that have forbid this practice which count countries
    such as Somalia, Sudan and Afghanistan. Truely prosperous country enjoying
    the blessing of God, countries that are now flourishing.

  4. I see what happen to this country , why things are going the way is going
    for them .We are going to witness how blessing is going turn into a course
    .and i believe that will bring the nation to her humbleness . I think
    ghanains need to suffer some more for goodness sake . Respect the GOD you
    serve that shows you mercies we you call upon him .Never turn away from
    your GOD

  5. this is how i look at things,if my child or a friend choose to practice
    this sex life then i can only say what i think is wrong and leave it there
    , the rest is up to him or her . but my love for the person is never going
    to change because then is between them and god .first of all i don t think
    the gov. should allow or support gay marriage period, i also don t believe
    in their adopting children at all peace my people

  6. but who define what those are? The bible also says that man can sell his
    daughter as a slave, a man and his family shall stone his wife to death if
    she was not a virgin on her wedding night and that nobody is allowed to
    wear cloth made of two kinds of thread. Thank humanity we break all these
    rules everyday. Not to forget Jesus never talks about same-sex, why should
    people then care?

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