Is it dangerous to be gay in Russia?

The situation concerning gay rights in Russia’s been making headlines around the world and sparking huge debate among activists, politicians and even athelet…

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  1. “What if the majority are anti-gay?” Umm if that’s your understanding of
    human rights, you shouldn’t be a journalist.

  2. Since this was made, Peter from England was attacked and has left Russia.
    RT tells the truth about the US and lies about Russia. What is happening to
    gays in Russia is HITLER SHIT. Russians, your forefathers fought AGAINST
    Hitler, an d they would be ASHAMED of you!

  3. The main question in this interview is “Why is the West focusing on Russia,
    while there are many other countries around the world with even worse laws
    against homosexuals?”
    Simple: because Russia claims to be a developed nation, and no developed
    nation in the world has such laws. Russia must therefore follow the human
    rights protection which also the other developed nations follow.
    Does Russia want to be put on the same level as third world countries, or
    does it want to be recognized as a developed, modern nation?

  4. Gay is bad…free violence is great. lol such a primitive society in
    russia. Have u ever seen the world outside your own toillet?

  5. “Gays get to have a happy, healthy life in Russia”
    Are you fucking kidding me? What kind of a happy life can you have if
    you’re forced to run around hiding your sexuality to avoid persecution,
    when the society you live in thinks you’re an abomination or sick? Of
    course a heterosexual person would so easily pass off non-heterosexual
    peoples’ rights. Look there are gay bars, what more do you want?
    How about the right to live your life free of hate for the simplest part of
    who you are, and the ability to exercise your sexuality in public as
    heterosexuals do day in and day out.

  6. Oh man, if I’d lived in Russia(thank god I don’t,though..), I’d just be SO
    GAY just to spite the medieval dark-age religitards over there! : )

  7. Everyone is criticizing Russia and not other countries like Saudi Arabia or
    Iran because the anti gay laws in these countries have been in place for
    decades and not months . Unlike other countries who seem to be progressing
    with regards to human rights , Russia is regressing ! 

  8. There’s an olympic game coming up there? You bet it will be boycotted by
    lots of athletes! For instance, how many straight male figure skaters do
    you think there are? ZERO, of course.:(

  9. Gay issues or not this tv channel is so bias !!! It tries to justify every
    single thing the Russian government does !!! 

  10. “Thriving Gay communities” what a lie, you have blood on your hands R.T.
    RT I will no longer subscribe! You are clearly under control of your
    state. Watch CBC’s documentary “Hunted in Russia” I will see that as many
    people world-wide see it. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU! Maybe a little less

  11. Wait…the defence is “Yeah there is homophobia, but they have homophobia
    in other places”. Does that make it okay?
    How do these assholes sleep at night, spouting such crap?

  12. I’m gonna be quite honest, I didn’t think RT was that much of a propaganda
    machine until this video. For fucks sakes Russia is a first-world country
    and needs to get it’s shit together by providing equal rights for its
    residents through legislation, not the opposite. I’m outraged that RT does
    not find this legislation passed in Russia to be detrimental.

  13. Around 20 millions Russians killed by the Nazis in WW2, now Russians are
    becoming Neo-Nazis. Shame on them and their ignorant uneducated ways.

  14. hahaha Kremlin’s propaganda channel doesn’t even know how to handle it’s
    own shit.

  15. The lady asks why Russia? Why is everyone upset with Russia? Because the
    Anti-Gay Propaganda Law. They don’t see how discriminating it is. It
    allows more bullying and ignorance about being gay. Kids will grow up in
    Russia being even more hateful than they already are. Gay kids will have no
    support. Russia is suppose to be more civilized than the third world
    countries that have worse anti gay laws.

  16. RT is the Fox News of Russia, but unfortunately their overlord (Putin) can
    actually have you silenced unlike Fox’s overlord (Ailes)

  17. edoardoruggeri1 below talked about Russia claiming to be modern so they
    should be modern like embrace gay. Qatar is developed no? Rich ass country
    and not 3rd world country. But they have worse laws then Russia. Russian
    law forbids public propaganda. So you can do your stuff privately. Lesbian,
    gay, bisexual, and transgender persons living in Qatar are likely to face
    certain unique legal challenges. Homosexual acts between adult females are
    legal whereas homosexual acts between adult males are illegal. There is no
    legal recognition of same-sex marriages, civil unions or domestic
    partnership benefits.

    Gays have no rights to these subjects in Qatar:
    1.Same-sex sexual activity legal for female/ for male
    2. Equal age of consent
    3. Anti-discrimination laws in employment
    4. Anti-discrimination laws in the provision of goods and services
    5. Anti-discrimination laws in all other areas (incl. indirect
    discrimination, hate speech)
    6. Same-sex marriages
    7. Recognition of same-sex couples
    8. Step-child adoption by same-sex couples
    9. Joint adoption by same-sex couples
    10.Gays and lesbians allowed to serve openly in the military
    11. Right to change legal gender
    12. Access to IVF for lesbians
    13. Commercial surrogacy for gay male couples

    So basically wtff. Why are world wide gays not protesting against Arab
    countries or Muslim/Islamic countries???

  18. Dislike, the only thing i kept hearing is ”Why concentrate on Russia? Why
    Focus on us? The situation in the west is not that great too”. I wanted to
    hear more about them discussing gay rights in Russia considering that the
    prohibitation of gay propaganda caused so many hate crimes against
    homosexuals. The social consequences are huge, the fact that an activist
    can be kicked to the ground and punched while the police just stands there
    and watches is outrages. And then he gets arrested. I did not want to hear
    the anchors say ”well we are not the only ones with this problem in the
    world”. They where just whining about how western media has nothing good
    to say about Russia.

  19. The West does target Russia. Anything that goes on in Russia is presented
    as a massive issue. Like the Pussy Riot incident – a few punks cause chaos
    in a church and get slapped down for it and it’s front page news every
    fcking day. Look at the treatment of gays in Nigeria or Saudi Arabia where
    they are killed but it’s only ever Russia and Iran that get stick. Imagine
    what would happen if Peter Tatchell went to Saudi and held his sign up.
    It’s all selective outrage designed to fuel the imperialist war machine.

  20. I’m from Russia and I have lots of gay friends and I cant understand, why
    do the whole world hate Russia?? Its ok to be gay here, nobody fights
    agaist gays, nobody bullys them, nobody kills! Why do you all think Russia
    is so wild state?? Go to Iran or Saudi Arabia and see how gays live there!!
    And there are homophobes in every state, even in Germany and the UK

  21. gop african # 1 predictably backs putin, as does caucasian flunky host (a
    free and open discussion, conducted by visitors in 30 languages, will not
    dissuade putin from his pogrom). drag queen naturally opposes, albeit
    weakly. gop aff. # 2 is wise enough to back off on an issue that could get
    candidates burned this autumn, particularly if embraced by female block;
    and may actually mean what he says. as always, american christian
    fundamentalists ( including their legislators) continue to organise, back
    and propagate anti gay attacks in uganda, russia, us; they are obviously
    the ones who need to be called out, and shut down. therefore; don’t watch.
    don’t go. boycott whatever sochi games are marketing (what should have
    happened to hitler’s summer games in ’36). relative to this genocidal
    tactic, which is intended to deflect attention from the failure of putin’s
    regime, and the rage it includes, to gays, the absence of american athletes
    from sochi is a negligible loss. this is HISTORY; they are NOT. finally,
    the most significant topic has not been either mentioned or discussed; and
    that is the harm that will be sustained by gay kids, whether included in
    putin’s kgb style sweeps or not. valadimir putin is the true molester of
    children, and his powers extend far enough to include yours, gay or not. i
    hope the modern nations of the world will unite in their opposition to this
    barbarity, in the name of logic and decency, and all children, as this kgb
    thug has no intention of “leaving them in peace.”

  22. RT might be a propaganda, but it’s true that gay people in Russia can
    still live normally! I know many Russians from Russia who don’t understand
    why do the West exaggerate this law so much! Russia doesn’t make being gay
    illegal, Russia just makes homosexual propaganda illegal among minors.
    Russian gays are not being killed everyday! Hate crime in Russia remains
    pretty small comparing to other countries. Higher murder rate in Russia is
    due to trafficking, organized crimes and gangs. I know every type is
    matter. But this is far beyond misunderstood! I don’t usually agree with
    RT, but I agree that this is more of a Anti-Russia than Anti-homophobia!!
    The West never likes Russia, so why is this supposed to be a unique case?

  23. That gay English reporter would walk over the beaten bodies of gay Russians
    to get the Russian tv schilling 

  24. If the link below is true in it’s affirmations, does it mean that
    homosexuality or heterosexuality is not innate but they are a process
    learned in which one has been exposed into it’s very early age?
    I mean, promoting something it is a way of learning but what really counts
    is how the first days of our lives have been influenced by our family or
    family friends.
    If a child in his first days have received a pleasure contact with the same
    sex parent may this lead to a sensibility towards same sex people?
    And if some media coverage and propaganda comes over this feelings of well
    being would that be a fortifier?
    As I said many times and I have been opposed by Derek it is a matter of
    time to prove homosexuality is not what the APA or some geneticists says it
    In 1990 4% were lesbians…after 23 years 16% are lesbians…!!!
    Not necessary 100% lesbians because it seems that most of these ladies are
    actually bisexuals…only a few are pure lesbians…
    So, watch out guys if if think you’ll marry a hetero women…she might be a
    little lesbian too!

  25. It is impossible to stamp out homosexuality. We are born that way. Putin’s
    population decline argument doesn’t make sense. Does he seriously believe
    these men are suddenly going to want to sleep with women?


  27. FUCK RT … “Why is the focus on Russia” … what a cheap fallacy: if every
    country argued the same: “why is the focus on ME” … well, when can we
    talk about any of them? – RT has proved time and time again, that it will
    defend Russia 100% of the time, and EVERYTHING, ALWAYS, it the problem of
    the United States

  28. Russia save yours fucking countries from hitler empire, Napoleon empire. I
    am proud of my great country!

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