36 Comments on “Is It Time To Give Felons Back Their Voting Rights?”

  1. So dumb. Let’s all act like these people didn’t commit crimes, so they can
    vote Democrat and get some free shit. 

  2. It’s good to see that some where, freedom still has its own light in this
    country. Despite all the crony bullshit going on.

  3. I can’t think of a reason for anyone to lose their right to vote. Not even

  4. I agree, once you have served your time you deserve to have all of your

  5. Its about fucking time Obama administration! Other races of people shouldve
    seen this one coming. They’ve legalized weed in how many states? Lol. So
    you thought, they would just leave those guys in there? Take their rights
    for drugs while white people make millions in California and Colorado? Nah,
    no one is that naive. 

  6. Extending the right to vote? tsk
    The vote needs to be limited to regain importance.
    How can anybody be for universal suffrage after watching what the mass
    media gets away with in terms of increasing the retardation of the

  7. it doesn’t matter if you get your rights back, if you can’t get a job. The
    real issue is labeling EVERY DARN THING a felony.

  8. Voting is not primarily a right or a privilege, it is a responsibility. If
    everyone had to vote in the US it would take a lot of power away from big
    money special interest groups.

  9. On da subject of drugs, shouldn’t it b time right now 2 make weed legal? I
    saw a video recently on da top 10 reasons y! An’ quite frankly, they’re
    all valid! I don’t use it; in fact, I’ve only tried it once in my life an’
    didn’t like it (tho 4 a dumb reason I craved more); but it’s somethin’
    America (and other countries wit similar laws against it) needs 4 our

  10. Here in Pennsylvania former felons automatically get their voting rights

  11. What kind of naive moron would want to vote. We should demand the old fucks
    in congress be replaced, and for the elections to be fair and not
    influenced by bribery.

  12. They should be able to vote in prison or jail. Enough of this
    prison-industrial complex. Maybe we can get some meaningful prison reform
    instead of this drive to privatization. 

  13. Normally I say fuck the republican party, but in this case, you have to
    give credit where credit is due so I am happy to praise republican senator
    Rand Paul for being on the right side of this issue. Attorney General Eric
    Holder also deserves praise for his strong words about minority
    suppression and unjust state laws.

  14. Does anyone think Rand Paul is and has been playing this very smart from
    the beginning? He is sounding a bit like his father, while in the past they
    seemed to share zero issues. So I’m wondering if he is playing this
    extremely smart sharing many of his fathers belief, but knowing, that going
    the route his father did, he would never be able to become president, so
    instead he gives us some of the lesser extreme ideas while at the same time
    being more of a real Republican then his father was, so that he can
    actually do some good.

  15. As a citizen you have rights and responsibilities. Voting is one of the
    latter. A citizen without the right to vote, with the exception of treason,
    is oxymoronic.

    Rather see that citizens choosing not to vote were fined.

  16. voting is NOT a right its a fucking privilege… that’s why america is
    fucked because of the people voting for who give them the goodys and not
    for their making change capability 

  17. The government has destroyed many peoples lives, they owe them more than
    giving their rights back. No one should be jailed if there isn’t a victim
    involved in the crime.

  18. The American “democracy” surprises me time and time again.
    How it is in my country:
    *”If you are at least 18 years old, have Swiss citizenship and are not
    under guardianship due to mental illness or mental disability, you can take
    part in votes at federal level and elections to the National Council. You
    can also launch and supply your signature to referendums and initiatives at
    federal level.”*

  19. Felons come in many colors not just Black. Why does MSNBC, NBC and their
    associates always get racial? Now everything they spit is Black guy…White
    Guy.. Mexican…Tea Party….etc. Voting in a Black person for office
    turned out to be a BIG MISTAKE. Nothing but racial divide. Bush, Clinton,
    Obama and Holder are all indicted on different charges and cases. It’s just
    a matter of time before SHTF.

  20. If you aren’t going to let someone vote after serving their time, then they
    don’t have to pay taxes either right? Something about no taxation without
    representation is coming to mind as an important founding principle for our
    nation… hm…

  21. Every citizen should have a voice… But, we should not be felonious…
    Felons should be punished, but under no circumstance should any voice be
    quashed… Speak and vot until you die…

  22. I would like to see Cenk invite Rand to the TYT headquartes. Bet he would

  23. Considering that many of the people who make the laws would be felons
    themselves if they didn’t have so much influence and power, yes, normal
    felons should be able to vote too. 

  24. I don’t think it’s particularly relevant that a law disproportionately
    affects one race over another. If that race is simply more prone to crime –
    due to socio-economic problems – that’s hardly a problem with the law.
    That’s a problem with the socio-economic problems that particular race
    faces. It’s not a “racist law” as some would claim.
    You wouldn’t decriminalize rape just because one race was more likely to
    commit it.

    That being said, I do believe there’s also a problem with this law, and the
    fact that drug users are thrown in jail so often, but not because it
    disproportionately affects black people.

  25. Response to the title no they shouldn’t because most felons are uneducated.
    Also if this bill seems noble its not it just exist to advance one party’s

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