3 Comments on “Is There a Place for Gay People in Conservatism and Conservative Politics?”

  1. Of course there isn’t a place for gays/lesbians in a religiously motivated
    political ideology that advocates iron-fisted rule by their way or the
    Make marriage a completely privatized institution, completely unrecognized
    by the state or the government, and watch most of the ado about nothing

  2. I believe the issue that Andrew Sullivan failed to recognize is that states
    in the USA tend to have a monopoly on adoption licensure; he didn’t make
    the case that states *should* hold that monopoly (though his response
    seemed to imply as much), but rather he essentially claimed that if a state
    uses that monopoly power to prevent adoption agencies from discriminating
    against same sex couples that those agencies have no right to complain. Is
    this really a “conservative” position?

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