10 Comments on “Is Tom Wilson a Power Forward or Just a Sideshow?”

  1. And yes there is a such thing as power forwards and fighting is not a waste
    of time at all! You clearly never played hockey outside of house or at
    least the junior level

  2. Those articles make valid points on fighting in the game. But fighting
    isn’t something that shouldnt be measured statisticly. The caps have never
    been a very tought guy team. But when you see teams like boston, Chicago
    etc. (tsucessful T) They all have big gritty guys. The caps are a very
    technical team. not very physical. Wilson can help ark the start of a
    stronger tougher team. Pure skill can only get you so far in a game. Also
    Althought Wilson fights a lot. He is super hungry with the puck.

  3. Fightin is a key aspect needed in todays game. ersk and olesky seem to be
    holding back on fighting so someone needed to step up. Wilson is trying to
    make any impact that he can since he doesn’t get much ice time. Power
    Forwards do exist. Look at players like jarome ignila

  4. If fighting really were a key aspect of hockey, you’d expect to see a lot
    of fights in close games. Instead, it’s the opposite. Re: power forwards,
    check out the link in the description. Pretty interesting stuff.

  5. I added some links to the description above that discuss your points

  6. Fighting provides a emotional swing. It can help to rally the guys to a
    win. It also provides a physical aspect and sends the other a message. It
    can also set a stance of dominace Fighting is rare in tie games because
    they want full lines out there. They want as many guys contributing as
    possible to try and get the win. When a game isn’t close fighin results
    because of a teams frustration and they wanna do anything possible to rally
    a win. Fightin also can take key players out of a game.

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