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  1. Peace is possible now. All that is required is for Palestinian extremists
    to stop attacking Israelis.

  2. No. That is actually what the Palestinian authorities want of Israel, as
    they have clearly stated on several accounts.

  3. Which version of history did you learn from? The David Duke school of
    regressive thought? The Zionist dream to re-found Israel was already in
    process. The Nazis did not beat the Jews. The Nazi regime lost the war, you
    numbskull. The Nazis fled Europe as well, btw. But fast forward. Europe is
    now buckling due to massive immigration and fiscal irresponsibility to its
    extinction, while Israel thrives on. So carry on with your anti-Semitic
    ways… you’re losing anyways 🙂

  4. David, there is absolutely no reason in the world why we should stop
    building “settlments”. Settlements are just Jewish homes being built on our
    ancestral homeland. that was desingated to be ours by the last legally
    binding document – the mandate, and that we ended up liberating in a
    deffensive war from Jordan who had illegaly occupied them in 48 when they
    attacked in order to wipe us out.

  5. I’m very enthusiastic about these peace talks because Israel is very likely
    this time to negotiate away the land they want in return for peace they
    don’t want based upon pressure that the US is not applying. This time for
    sure! It’s almost a guarantee that Israel will suddenly reverse it’s
    enduring national policy of seizing land, building settlements and blaming
    it all on the Palestinians and their massive military, massive weaponry and
    nuclear arsenal. Let’s keep supporting Israel blindly.

  6. Israel and United States does not one Peace They don’t care about the
    Palestinian are you kidding me

  7. I so want to be cynical about this, and say that it will go nowhere, like
    usual… But, it is good news, at least they are trying something.

  8. It’s not all about the relationship between israel and arab countries,
    maybe it’s better for the government to stay in the west bank, and the
    government own israel ground, and when the government approvs a settlement
    it’s legal.. and maybe not just the israel government should do something
    to help the relations but the arab nations should support mending the
    relations aswell..

  9. no that is retarded nuking is stupid and what needs to happen is to just
    make a deal that is actual fair and i dont think israel should be a
    religious state anymore its the last one that is religious and thats why
    its having problems even france isnt a religious state anymore

  10. Judea and Samaria are not biblical terms, they are what this area has
    always been called. Open a history book. We have a right to both.

  11. peace its not a word its need good intentions from both , Israel thought
    all time that they are smarter one in the world i want to say its big

  12. The KIKES occupying Palestine are nothing but Europeans who fled after they
    finally got their ass kicked by the nationalist Germans for being
    parasites. People turned on the Jews because they deserved it.

  13. “Many of us” lmfao. You are not Jewish. Your name is JOHN. That’d be like a
    Jew naming its kid Luke or Muhammad, or a Muslim naming its kid Itzik or

  14. He got it from knoweldge of basic Jewish history. Google it -“1929 Hebron

  15. Palestinians massacred almost all the Jews in Hebron in 1929 before Israel
    was declared while talking to Hitler about a final solution in there. +
    Muslims kicked all of the Jews out of all the Arab countries and stole all
    of their property.

  16. Civilians on both sides clearly want peace If you think the governments of
    israel or palestine do I think your awfully naive.

  17. Do not criticise what you do not understand. The State of Israel was [not]
    founded upon superstition, despite what you’ve been led to believe.
    Zionism, which re-founded Israel, was founded by Theodor Herzl, an atheist
    of Jewish descent. He and his followers were not men of faith either. Their
    goal was to establish an official home for the Jewish people, after
    centuries of diaspora in effort to end Jewish persecution. Israel is
    secular and our Prime Minister is Agnostic. Jewish is our identity.

  18. Inferior is your mentality. No people are inferior to another for merely
    being born as they are, because degenerative mentalities, such as yours,
    must be learned. People like you contribute nothing but more intolerance
    and more divide in this world. People like you are the problem.

  19. i pretty much just got back from israel and this is a ha bisky vid i am
    going to share this with my israel group that i am in a FB group with i
    hope they like this as much as i did

  20. Haredi ultra orthodox are growing at a faster rate than the secular
    population.. this is fact. It’s going to be a huge problem in about 30

  21. woah.. kudos to pakman for calling out the settlements.. i may have to
    finally cave in and get a pakman show tshirt.. this video a pretty fair
    assessment of the situation. Hamas has to go no question.. but i don’t
    think israel wants peace either.. they can’t stop building illegal
    settlements for even 5 minutes let alone permanently. EZ solution is: stop
    building/remove illegal settlements and have Egypt help the PLO remove
    Hamas like they are doing with the muslim brotherhood next door.

  22. *slams face into keyboard* Yes. Many Jews are of European descent, but Jews
    are not all white. Just as Muslims are not all Arab. Israelis are, for the
    most part, of Eastern descent. And being that our population is made up of
    about 20% Palestinians who are not only Muslim, but Christian and Jewish,
    you are obviously going to see an Arab presence here. Sarit Hadad, the most
    famous Israeli singer is a Russian Jew who makes Arabic music. So enough of
    your idiocy.

  23. What determines a piece of the earth’s land to belong to one ethnicity?
    Most country’s today were formed just like Israel was, hay you Americans
    should move back to Europe, and the Austrians can get go back to where they
    came from too. Something inside me what’s to see a day where the native
    Americans start bombing schools and buses becuase you ancestors stole the
    land hundreds of years ago, I would love to see what you hypocrites have to
    say about that.

  24. The Orthodox population is not growing in Israel. The Orthodox community
    lives primarily in the United States and Canada. Orthodox are often
    anti-Israel, because Zionism itself is contradictory to Judaism.

  25. Israel is losing its religious population, and as a result Israeli
    population is growing to gravitate towards more progressive ideals. The
    Israeli government is incredibly conservative. This generation does not
    share much of the same mentality as those sitting in our government.
    Forcing us to participate in a war which we do not believe in, and then
    taxing the shit out of the little money we have does not earn respect for
    the government. Religion is superficial, human life and suffering is not.

  26. Thank you for covering this. I certainly hope that Kerry can do good. Louis
    is correct, many civilians want peace – both Palestinian and Israeli.

  27. I wish people would stop arguing over whose land it is. The land belongs to
    no one. It was made by the creator or creating force depending on your
    beliefs and is available for all of use to use in harmony. 🙂

  28. How about the criminal settlers. They violate international law, harass and
    brutalize palestinians and are a bunch of evil landgrabbing thieves. If I
    moved into your home while you were out to work then beat the shit out of
    you and your family and the government supported ME then maybe you’d want
    to go illegally fuck me up.

  29. Israel is not going give Palestine back to the Palestinians if they carry
    on bombing Israel. If the Germans carried on bombing Britain after WW2, I’m
    sure the British would still be occupying them today. Palestine should just
    sit back and hope Israel will one day give their land back to them.
    Violence will do nothing, violence is what got your county occupied in the
    first place, so why the hell would it help it stop? You lost a war you
    started and you are facing the concisenesses.

  30. I don’t think Palestinian wants peace either, seeming they started the war
    and keep firing rockets while not caring who they kill and shooting up
    school buses and bombing bus stops. If you started the war and as a result
    your county is being occupied, you should be the one to shut up and beg for
    your county’s freedom, bombing civilians is not the way to get your county
    back. Do you know how Germany got their county back after WW2 from the
    allies? They shut their mouths and obeyed.

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