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  1. My kind loving heart swells with warm and compassion knowing there are
    abominations out there decent enough to end their diseased and sick lives.
    It is considered the ultimate act of kindness from them. I feel love and
    joy whenever I hear such brave and noble acts from homosexual abominations.

  2. You know why you don’t find the true happiness in your life? Because you
    change yourself, you change who you are. God creates you as a man not a
    woman. And Tom’s parents are right its a sin. It’s a sin to have a
    relationship with your same sex. Why don’t you people open your eyes about

  3. It sad how one family make a guy kill himself just because he was gay. So
    sad 🙁 He couldn’t take the pain from them anymore so he jumped off his
    roof and died :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( 

  4. I watched this and laughed, it’s so funny that a father rejects his own
    child. Don’t hate, “I was born this way.” Common excuse right? Ya it is
    stop using it, I made a choice to be like this.

  5. Unsure from these comments whether it was suicide or an accident but the
    video eludes to it being suicide.
    I guess if he wasn’t there he won’t ever know for sure.
    Hopefully things will continue to get easier for gay people all over the

  6. Oh my….
    Your tale numbs my heart. Do not lose heart, even death is not the end. You
    lost the love of your life to an unimaginable tragedy, yes. But all is not
    lost, all is not lost at all. We will remember this, we will tell your
    stories to our children, for warmth and for courage. Just remember that
    he’s up in heaven, watching over you, he will never leave you, and all he
    wants you to be is happy.

  7. While I think his parents are assholes and shouldn’t have cut the guy out
    after the death, I think shit like this happens in all relationships, so
    demanding rights for gays is just stupid, especially given they have more
    rights now than they deserve. If I want to marry a monkey or a dog would
    that be okay since it’s my choice to love who or what I want? What about
    NAMBLA? Do you support them too because it’s just how they were born and
    their preference? I’m sure you don’t, so why are gays any different? The
    story is sad, but if the guy didn’t kill himself due to his parents being
    against his sexuality, why are you making it all about sexuality? Because
    you two weren’t prepared enough for life and didn’t think about wills or
    healthcare proxies? 

  8. I am 16 and gay and hope that one day my non supportive parents will
    finally open their eyes and realize I am the way I am I can’t change it and
    that I am proud of it this inspirational story gives hope to every
    gay,lesbian, and bi person and this tragic story will bring hope to
    thousands even millions of people for years wish you the best you are
    amazing for showing how strong you were. 

  9. Just two people who loved one another. Pride, fear, and ignorance caused
    this tragedy. His parents pushed him off that building. Not physically, but
    mentally. They couldn’t cope with their sons choice. They intervened to
    save face. The death of their son wasn’t enough to wake them from their
    blind prejudice. They continued the hate game even after they buried their
    son. Now hate will comfort these parents until the day they join their son
    in the grave.

  10. This is stupid. It’s not right being gay. They wanna make this story to be
    some type of heroism and romanticism. Come on.. being gay is a lie from
    Satan. Everyone wants to blame everything on God, what about Satan?? People
    that go to heaven have gone through the great turbulence, NOT because
    they’re nice, or smile, or write something about Jesus on Facebook, much
    less if people think highly of you… you people have no clue what the
    Bible says

  11. This really got to me. It had me in tears. It made me realize even more how
    some people just can’t see what others are going through and feeling.
    #video #love #tears 

  12. I’m crying so hard, I just….I’m so sorry. Neither of you deserved this.
    And yet I am glad, because for once the comments on a video about gay
    rights aren’t hateful–they’re supportive. Even people who didn’t believe
    in marriage equality before now see there is a problem with how many
    homosexual couples are treated. Finally, a step in the right direction. 32
    states and counting.

  13. The good book says it’s a sin. But as much as I agree with that, I think it
    may be time to move on. To each their own, I say. You love who you love,
    period. Tough subject, that’s for sure. Great video, man. I hope you have
    found peace with your loss. Or will eventually. God bless

  14. HAHAHA, this is some funny shit right there. brings a whole new meaning to
    drop dead queer. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  15. cries hey Shane, I know what’s it’s like to loose someone to suicide
    because their family didn’t support them. I myself am not gay it lesbian,
    but this boy killed himself with a gun.. I was not allowed to know
    anything, about him, or anything else about the death. If you want to talk.
    Please message me on youtube, and i give you my social media, il always be
    here, because I know.

  16. This has made me cry. I couldn’t stop crying for 1 hour. :'( I am really
    sorry about what happened to Tom and I totally support you cause everybody
    has a chance to choose for himself/herself. 

  17. So heartbreaking. Brought me to tears! Much love Shane. Bless you for
    sharing your story. Very blessed to live in Canada where my brother will
    have the rights so many take for granted. 

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