17 Comments on “Jerusalem Forum focuses on rising tide of anti-Semitism within the EU and beyond”

  1. Not one mention of the extra 50 million muslims in Europe causing
    anti-semenism that weren’t there 50 years ago. 

  2. Every one who hates Zion I have this to tell them: Zechariah 14:12 And this
    shall be the plague wherewith the Lord will smite all the people that have
    fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand
    upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and
    their tongue shall consume away in their mouth.

  3. Poor Rashid !!! :- ( Your lost dreams ! It was in 1492 when we kicked you
    out of Spain once for all……but you keep on dreaming of the glorious
    yesterday. It must be very nice dreaming all the time !! I´d like to be
    like you : a dreamer !! cause dreaming is the world of “all is
    posible”….like Disneyland !!..a muslim Disneyland where all dreams come
    true. ” Living in dreams of yesterday, we find ourselves still dreaming of
    impossible future conquests”. -Charles Lindbergh

  4. Obviously you don´t understand. What can understand a piece of shit like
    you? I have never heard of a piece of shit being able to understand
    anything. Listen, whoreson, if you have yihadists ready to kill themselves
    for your islamic ideology, ..do know that things have started to become
    increasingly dificult for scum like you everywhere: India, Mali, Europe,
    USA, Russia…. We are going to expell you from the western world in a way
    or the other. We are now expelling you again from Spain.

  5. No thank you. The Holy Bible does not say their names. Why I have to search
    for that in another book? I appreciate your offer, however, I am not

  6. And after years of research and millions spent, they finally figure out the
    cause of anti-semitism… Israelis are racist, asshole, criminals… D’OH!
    BTW,the phrase: “Say something loud,say it again and again, until everyone
    believes it.” is a slogan commonly attributed to Adolf Hitler, but of
    course he never even really said that.

  7. rashid, do you plan to be the last man standing because it is possible
    then? just asking because it seems to me your head is so far up your ass
    that you can’t see the world around you, we would annihilate you and your
    scumbag mates, its pretty much happening now, we’ll just letting you guys
    wipe yourself out first and you’re doing a bloody good job at it, our
    forefathers fought for our freedom and if you think we will give it up
    freely you’re gravely mistaken.

  8. No, I am not going to reveal the names of the two witnesses. Read the book
    if you want to know.

  9. What´s the matter with you dirty nazi-muslim? Wasn´t it in La Mecca where
    Mohamed started to rape 5 years old girls ? I despise you. You are shit.

  10. Zionist Israel is atheist colony. Yes the banking bit is going to be
    difficult one whether they think they are jews or zionist. Antisemitism
    lol. what does it mean?

  11. Zionists must pour tears first before the ceremony. And then they could
    start their forum. Of course they need to get help from others. What is
    happening in EU has increased hatred against Jewish bankers rapidly. Your
    summits can not change the reality. You should expect more Anti-Zionism
    after years of exploitation and deception. Zionists has distorted the image
    of Judaism brutally. If I were Jewish, I would not stand this insanity.

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