5 Comments on “‘Jesus didn’t turn anyone away’; Proposed AZ law pits religious freedoms against gay rights”

  1. You are right Jesus did not have to turn anyone away. They turned away
    from Jesus themselves, because they did not want to live by his rules.

  2. So if someone wears a cross around there neck, so I can refuse service,
    that only fair.

  3. How does a store owner determine if someone conflicts with their religious
    views when they step through the door? I see this as a huge money making
    scheme. I dress up “gay” and act very flamboyant, they refuse my service, I
    sue them. Easy.

  4. I think it’s not anti guy but simply people have religious beliefs and if
    they don’t agree with that and it’s their business they should have the
    right to refuse service 

  5. This is a stupid law. Imagine if a Muslim doctor refused to give emergency
    medical services to a pig farmer because it “violated” his religion…or if
    they refused services to women who were not accompanied by men or wearing a

    Good thing our law has retard check built into it (i.e. “Judicial

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