18 Comments on “Joe Higgins MEP challenges ECB President and EU Economics Commissioner”

  1. Does nobody find it interesting that the official date for the collapse of
    the Berlin Wall is november 9th 1989 or 9/11/89 European style?

  2. Bakunin exposed the fact that onc ethe reds got control it would be a
    banker takeover decades before the Bolshevik Revolutution. contemporary
    writers such as Douglas Reed wrote in great detail of the 1917 rev as being
    a bankers’ coup. BTW before you get too self rightous about blaming Khazar
    bankers, Hitler was a Rothschild by blood on his father’s side. If you
    can’t get over your programmming you’ll do more harm than good.

  3. And that is about as much democracy as the European parliament allows its
    elected representatives. 1 minute and 20 seconds. Yer time’s up boyo! I
    could practically see the bouncers coming to remove him.

  4. @2LisbonTreaty Not at all, all the Oligarchs that asset stripped Russia
    were linked to the House of Rothschild.

  5. @Semordnilaps Historical evidence trumps politcal theory every time- look
    up Rothschild agent Jacob Schiff and the Bolshevik Revoltution. Like it or
    not , the bankers love the alternative globalism of the radical left. Mao
    planted 10s of thousands of hectare of opium after the bankers financied
    him. Castro is a multi-billionaire from the global cocaine trade. These are
    among the nastiest puppets of the banking elites.

  6. @wikidburke in the words of Queen Bee Regina George he is a scum sucking
    road whore so he gets what he gets;-)

  7. The truth is there in the age of algorithmic search engine but it is better
    not to use google as it suppresses and filters out info.

  8. @NeverLisbon That pesky Jewish-Bolshevik banker conspiracy again huh? Now
    where have I heard that fascinating theory before…? How exactly did the
    jews…I am sorry “bankers” have control of Russia and China? And yes,
    nationalism may well be a threat to various ethnic minorities and to the
    left, but it sure as hell is no threat to financial capitalists. Quite the
    contrary, nationalism is a convenient refuge, when they come under fire, to
    make sure people are split and the real problem hidden.

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