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  1. Sad to see things like this happening. These anti-fans and bashers need to
    get a life. Aren’t there bigger “issues” then gay rights support (how is
    this supposed to be an issue?! It’s 2013 for crying out loud…)? Hate
    isn’t going to solve anything. It’s a process that will take quite some
    time, as a society doesn’t change in a day/week/year.

  2. Preach it, Preach it as much as you can. The ‘fans’ that ditched him, that
    ditched SHINee and Shawols, can freely take their close-mindedness and
    bi-polar attitudes with them and live in a pit for the rest of their lives.
    Jonghyun HWAITING!

  3. Oh, god! Im totally inlove with you now, your amazing!
    I couldn’t have said it any better

  4. Well for some reason I didn’t like Jonghyun a lot, out of Shinee, not even
    a massive fan of Shinee either (music wise, not really my cup of tea).This
    news just made me like him for supporting people whose sexuality is still
    silenced or condemned in many countries around the world. You go Jonghyun!

  5. I feel so proud of JongHyun being one of the first Kpop idols in history to
    support the LGBT community.

  6. i don’t care what they say or why they will hate such a person for just
    expressing and supporting let say the LGBT community. For me it is a brave
    act to stand for what you believe is right and doesn’t make sense why you
    will hate a person for doing it so…common guys,.,.gays are HUMAN
    too,.,.they do also have feelings and need to be respected as for you
    yourself wanting the same respect too…i will never stop loving jonghyun
    and i will support SHINee forever….promise!

  7. wow its so stupid that those “fans” are actually leaving because of this.
    This proves that they are not real fans.

  8. Sadly a LOT of Mexican “fans” are really upset at this and are bashing him
    and those of us that are supporting him >:/ 

  9. I absolutely agree with you. think it’s sad that this is a “issue”.I think
    it’s absolutely great that he shows support so openly, is admirable.

    If a fan turns his back on a person he admires just for having a different
    opinion on a topic, that certainly is something absolutely natural, (in
    which his personal opinion has no relevance, because there will still be
    gay people in the world, like it or not) is absolutely ridiculous. It’s
    something that goes beyond if you’re part of the fandom or not. This is all
    about mutual respect. People just have to deal with it.

  10. After seeing that a JongHyun supports gay rights now I love SHINee even
    more. Every time I have the chance I write essays in school of why gay
    people should be equal 

  11. yeeeesss . iam veryyy agreee with uu :)) . thank u for being their to
    defend the side of jonghyun ,. iam shawol ,. and iam 100% shwols . whatever
    they will make or do unless it would not harm them i will really support
    them , jonhyun is just supporting it. dont be disappointed . :)

  12. ur so cool … although im not a complete fanatic shawol but i still
    support jonghyun 100% … Thanks for uploading this video … means a lot
    to me that someone agrees with me ^_^

  13. those “fans” weren’t even fans to begin with!!
    and to turn in an anti-fan….that’s just bloody terrible!!

  14. people have different opinion, but actually we need to look more deeper
    what’s the based of the problem, not only judge after the problem raising,
    i found some explanation that maybe make this more clearer [
    leaving fandom coz stupid problem is stupid choice but we should try to
    learn what’s the reason of his step doing that, not only ‘gay’ but lots
    thing more deeper and serious happen in that country

  15. U’re right!!!
    Why they turned back to My Jjong oppa???
    They didn’t Shawols…
    We support Kim Jonghyun Oppa!!! FIGHTING!!!
    Don’t sad my oppa^^
    U have me ♡♡

  16. Thanks so much for making this video! I love your videos and this is just
    an another amazing one you put out! I think that for mr me and other
    hardcore shinee fans that believe in equal rights for everyone it means a
    lot coming from you tubers like you that we admire! 

  17. his really makes me SO upset with the world that we live in…your right
    it’s the FREAKING 2013 (soon to be 2014) and ppl STILL act mental till this
    day!! jonghyun oppa is a good–no excuse me,GREAT person..you never was a
    fan of shinee to begin with.so it’s okay to make fanfics of them being
    together with the same sex but it’s WRONG for them to support it?!…really
    guys? REALLY?!..it’s just sad..really sad..oppa,i still love you no matter

  18. I totally agree with you! I’m super annoyed at these fans right now. I’m a
    humongous Shawol and this just made me a bigger fan of his. Your Korean is
    really good by the way.

  19. Jonghyun has the rights to support whatever he wants, and I’m really proud
    of him. The real fans will stay forever and ever. Thank you Shane for
    supporting too. 

  20. I fully support jonghyun and his opinion. ppl should be more tolerant
    nowadays. we almost have 2014 for gods sake…

  21. Johnghyun is my bias in Shinee and he is seriously amazing I’m not a fan of
    Shinee but they are good and the fact that Jonghyun is stepping up to say
    that he supports it; its seriously amazing I’m straight but I support gay
    rights and equality between everyone.

    Those so called ‘shawols’ are a disgrace to themselves just because of this
    thing they have to go and dislike him and the group. Seriously people
    should grow the fudge up and learn to accept equality between people and
    stop being so childish and arrogant I hate people who are like them it
    makes me so mad

    I got some gay friends as well; I may not know how they feel but the fact
    that they get bullied due to it makes me so angry just because their gay
    doesn’t mean that they should not be treated as a human and an equal. 

  22. And, as I expected, there’s no Korean comments in here. Since you have a
    lot of Koreans suscribers, I though that, MAYBE there was going to be at
    least one comment in Korean, but I changed my mind u.ú why people is
    against RIGHTS?? I’m just 14 but I know that EVERY PERSON OR HUMAN BEING
    has rights and equality, no one is better than other because their
    sexuality, ’cause that is not a decision.
    I’m really dissapointed with this situation, actually -,-
    (sorry for my sometimes-weird english, I’m still learning, tho)

  23. THANK YOU ! I have gained so much more respect for you. People honestly
    need to grow up, and stop spreading so much hate. I’m not a huge Shinee
    fan, but I have a lot of respect for him. He’s got a lot of confidence, and
    courage to be able to do that. You guys are real men being able to stand up
    for something proudly.

  24. I honestly cannot understand how fans just turn their backs on idols so
    easily. I listen for the music, and tbh he is supporting equality. How is
    that a bad thing? Everyone deserves equality. Makes me so angry >.<

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