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  1. Even if they were gay or supported gay right or watever they wanted I would
    STILL support them as a fan and a hard core Shawol. If you were to support
    them right now in bad times or good u are a true SHAWOL :)

  2. I have 1 thing to say to those “Shawols” who have left because of this….
    Our fandom doesnt need people like you

  3. heard my bias was supporting gay rights= my mind being blown by how much
    more respect i have for him

  4. Hey can you do a reaction for EXO’s Christmas Day show champion performance
    🙂 please?????

  5. I support shinee and Jonghyun to the fullest and the end talking bout
    Jazmone omg she was trifling 

  6. please please please do a reaction on EXO’s Christmas Day performance in
    MBC Show Champion!!!

  7. I already subscribed to Cortney’s Corner, I look forward to your first

  8. You have totally reason i don’t hate them I love them because i think they
    are SO CUTE >w< *q* *PerversThing*

  9. so proud of jonghyun
    i hope more people in the kpop world come out with their support too :D

  10. Hey there girls 🙂 I completely agree with what you’ve said! But I was
    wondering, where are you getting this “fanfiction authors who ship two guy
    together but give backlash to jonghyun when it actually happened” thing
    from?? I really want to see for myself just how ignorant people can be.

  11. I love that he supports Gay rights because I am bi and I am so happy

  12. Well , Im a hardcore Shawol .
    >i don’t support gay marriage or something like this , i don’t read or
    write gay fanfics,i don’t ship male/girl idols together. as i said i’m die
    hard SHAWOL , I Love Jjongie♥,we all come from different countries , we
    have different religions which result in having different Point of views .
    BUT this dosen’t mean i hate Jjongie , we r different , so I respect his
    opinion ,coz first of all , i love Shinee’s Music , they make me cry ,
    happy , cheer up .And i love them for them ♥ ,once a shawol , forever a
    SHAWOL , and pple should stop saying he’s gay , Coz he just showed his
    support , didn’t say ” im gay “.

    PS: SHINee have released a music video for “Colorful ” . go watch it ♥

  13. Regarding the whole religion part of the video, *applauds* thank you!! I
    hate when “christians” or other religious people claim to love everyone
    equally while in church, but the second they go outside they start bashing
    and condemning them. If they really read the Bible they would know that
    Jesus taught us to love our neighbors as ourselves. That means loving all
    people equally. Yes, homosexuality is a sin by the Bible’s standards, but
    it also says that all man has sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.
    Therefore, we are all equally sinful, but still all equally loved. Don’t
    hate someone just because they sin differently than you do. Also, don’t
    discriminate because someone has different opinions than you do. It’s
    childish. You’re embarrassing yourself. Stop. 

  14. im with you guys all the way , jonghyun ftw , i mean as long as people are
    not doing anything that harm others then go ahead , love whoever you want ,
    do whatever you feel like doing, life can be long or short but certainly
    dont have to be so complicated
    whatever to those who turned their back on jonghyun bcuz of this issue , i
    like artists for the music n entertainment that they bring , otherwise they
    can do whatever the hell they want in their private life 

  15. Jonghyun is great. He’s a brave guy for supporting this openly as a
    celebrity in korea. People who hate on him or shinee for this should be
    ashamed of themselves, because what is wrong with human equality?
    I liked your video and I am totally not one of those people to bash him if
    he were to come out, I dont really care becauae we all love him for who he
    is.. that wont change, if youre a real fan.

  16. I heard about this and the first thing I said was “my dino do good !!” at
    that moment talking properly was not a focus point. lol i’m so proud of my
    bling bling.

  17. I just found out about this and all I have to say is … YAY I CAN NOT STOP
    SMILING I’m so proud of jonghyun. And another thing when I saw internet war
    I was like “um is it hot in here” but then I was like”hold up jjong step
    off my man” lol. Jonghyun is just great I have so much more respect for him

  18. Donghae and Eunhyuk from Super Junior released their last MV (a real on
    this time), please do a reaction !

  19. I see him in a new light…if you know what I mean ;)…lol jk but I
    actually started to like him even more after he announced that tbh. I think
    it’s awesome when kpop idols speak out for what they believe in despite of
    the kind of conservative environment they were raised in. In fact, i’m
    pretty sure Jonghyun actually gained some fans from announcing that. Good
    riddance to all the ignorant ppls.

  20. Whoo! I love this guy even more now ,like seriously that takes some cajones
    to be so open about the subject….I -I just…words can’t explain how I
    feel right now… (*´ω`*)

  21. I’m glad he supports, I’d be totally fine if he even came out!
    I’ve been supporting gay rights since forever, I love them- they’re
    probably the happiest people on the planet.
    I’m a ‘real’ Shawol~

  22. you need to react to SHINEE COLORFUL!!!!!!!!!! OMG I WAS DYING AFTER
    and i support jjongie! i hate the fake shawols! they may never come back

  23. Love you Courtney and I totally just subscribed to your corner!!!!
    Love you too Jaz!!! Happy Christmas!!!

  24. This situation immediately made Jonghyun my bias. I can’t even explain how
    proud I am of him. God bless <3

  25. certain fans are ignorant. Like their not a true Shawol if u don’t ride for
    Shinee and support them on anything . They can go that way >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  26. I’m glad jonghyun is supporting gay rights I don’t get it why people have a
    problem with it I’m happy that he’s doing something he believes in

  27. Hey you two, can you do Super Junior Eunhae’s new single STILL YOU!!!!
    i’m looking forward to see jasmine’s reaction kekeke

  28. I’m so absolutely proud of him for showing his support.

    Now all we need is for an idol to date a black chick and show his support
    for interracial marriage, and we’ll be even more on a roll.

  29. I’m a christain and I’m straight. I see nothing wrong with homosexuals. I
    support gay rights for BOTH genders. It’s the “church people” that get on
    my nerves. They preach that you shouldn’t judge but here they are, judging
    someone because they don’t follow the bible. I don’t believe in forcing
    people of my religion. Heck I have gay and bisexual friends both male and
    female and I’ve never changed my viewpoint of them. All I have to say is

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