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  1. Why do you guys argue about if his right Or wrong.. have you done 50 yrs of
    research Or took a few college courses and think you’re a big know it all..
    do you’re hm. If you think it ends in old Latin times Or mid evil times..
    no they also took lessons from Egypt and Rome.. a duh !

  2. dont like the, “if u had any brains, which u don’t.” statement from him in
    the beginning. did i interpret that wrong?

  3. It seems you haven’t watched a lot of his videos. He has claimed a lot of,
    far more “linguistically scientific”, things like 1.”son of God” is “sun of
    God” 2.”god” is “good” with one O less 3.the verb “set” (the sun sets, for
    example) comes from Set, Egyptian god of night (he wasn’t god of night, but
    that’s minor) 4.Abram (old name of Abraham) comes from “ram”. You should
    also know he has lots of militant followers who are willing to insult you
    vulgarly for daring to question any of these.

  4. 6:38. ROFL..is he “sirius” or is he kidding?? His misunderstandings of
    language is entertaining, but doesn’t help his credibility. The word “sir
    “is English and it comes from the Middle English word “sire,”, from the
    Anglo-French word “lord”. Sire was first recorded in the 13th century and
    it means one of two things, either a father or a person of
    rank/authority….not a star “sirus”. Those are the “facts”.

  5. DON’T BE ignorant of how to take care of your body GODS true temple 1COR
    IS ALL THIS INFO Mr. jordon when your in your grave!

  6. By the way if i am not mistaken Julian Huxley was the brother of Aldous
    Huxley the grate writer and the novel 1984 was written by another great
    writer George Orwell! Its so ironic hoe people don’t care where they
    believe and is true that they behave as pawns…just make the simplest
    question and then you will start thinking..am i Christian,Buddhist, Hindu
    or whatever why?I mean if i was born elsewhere i would believe what i was
    told to believe!All thes people acting without think..its so sad..

  7. @broxxx113 Me to so dont feel bad.Religion is all BS.Ive allways question
    it an when I started to ask questions they told me to have this stupid
    thing call faigth.That it is satan who question things not a true
    beilver.Koweledge is power an you cant give power to everybody.

  8. I think that Mr. Mawell takes too many liberties with names and words. He
    connects the Egyptian god, Osiris with the Star Sirius, but the fact is
    that in Egyptian, his name was Ausar. Osiris is the much later Greek name
    for Ausar, so he’s stretching it. Likewise in one of his other works he
    calls the annual flood season in Egypt “archenoah” and says that’s where we
    get the legend of Noah’s Flood, but the flood season was called Akhet. How
    does he get “archenoah” out of that?

  9. @kdpflanders1 I love this dude! omg! LOL when im bored i listen to him. and
    always return feeling well educated.

  10. @BornInTzyon you are correct, Jordan uses a lot of truth, but alot of
    mis/dis info too, esp when he touches hebrew, he goes wild with his
    mistranslated and lack of knowledge, i think he forgets that most of us
    jews still speak and write Hebrew fluently.

  11. @riffrockerdon Funny, i was thinking that this man sounds exactly like bill
    cooper, i can’t distinguish the voices, its literally the same syntax,
    voice, grammar, everything, very strange.

  12. Once lord buddha said Do not believe as I said just try to research and
    then you will fine the truth why all the people do not have equality in
    this world ? why people dies on starvation etc etc you can find the truth
    if you fallowed the buddism (Intelligence one) I was a Jesus follower but I
    realized some thing so the I leave it and began to sudy on buddism I found
    lot but still studying you do not have to follow it just study it you will
    realized the truth about the world

  13. Thank you Jordan your talks are extremely interesting I’m glad I’m not a
    Jew, Chritian or Muslim because this subject matter must be very painful
    for them to realize

  14. Oh my goodness…yeah I dropped Maxwell on the third video I watched. He
    was making up all sorts of crazy stories about he & Billy Meier’s
    escapadesr. It was hilarious. His “scientific linguistic” nonsense is just
    that. Avraham coming fro the English word ram is my personal fave from your
    list. Knowing Hebrew as I do, I can’t begin to tell you how utterly
    ridiculous that notion is. The more people listen to him, the more
    unintelligent they sound to educated people.

  15. So glad im not conditioned by any belief system. Great mind expanding info.
    Follow no man. Question Authority. Only God can judge.

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