43 Comments on “Josh Hutcherson is Straight But Not Narrow”

  1. Ok literally ive always loved Josh but this makes me love him even MORE!!!
    and i love avan jogia too and you guys are such an inspiration to me. I’m
    not a lesbian but i dont consider my self close minded to being friends
    with people who are. i wouldn’t mind having a friend who’s gay, in fact i
    would LOVE a gay boy to be my best friend. because gay boys are awesome and
    cool and sometimes very sassy which is the best part. I love gay people and
    i hope everyone could learn to love them too. ilysm Josh <3 

  2. “Doesn’t that just leave more girls for you?” LOVE IT! HAHAHAHAHAH! I
    agree. Gays are no different then straights, they do not deserve any less.

  3. Does it really matter if someonen is gay or bisexual or straight we are all
    equal no matter what

  4. More respect for you dude I support you all the way. I’m in with the
    movement i’m joining.

  5. That’s inspirational! I wish everyone else was as kind and benevolent as
    you, Josh.I hope that any LGBT sitting at home feels better about
    themselves, they had nothing to worry about anyway. To thine own self be
    true, never let anyone judge you xxx

  6. People say he bisexual……. I said… who care?! Nothing is honing right
    in are world! Yay us maybe Obama ruining it but not really. I mean who
    cares. Let are world be free. God put gays, lesbian, and bisexual people on
    this planet. So we can thrive. People so we can grow. When I get some money
    or a job. I’ll dontate josh hutcherson. Because of you. I look up to you.
    Your my idol. No madder what someone’s sexuality is…

  7. Good god this guy is a goober.

    And yes, I am not opposed to you dating men either, Josh.

  8. Awwwww this is the best video I have ever seen….. It has two of my fav
    people in and awwww they are so cute

  9. This makes me admire him even more. He should be an inspiration to every
    guy out there. Props to you, Josh!

  10. to be fair he’s like sort of bisexual. He isn’t apposed to the idea of
    dating dudes himself

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