14 Comments on “Kaili Joy Gray: Why Did Obama Retract Support for Gay Marriage?”

  1. It would only be a non-sequitur if you were not short, but tall – yet
    limited down below. But I suspect you are probably a big dick and not just
    a tall asshole.

  2. Just don’t bitch when Romney appoints 3 more Clarence Thomas’s to the
    Supreme Court, starts a war with Iran, repeals Obama care, destroys
    Medicare and Medicaid, and otherwise screws the American people to pay for
    tax cuts for multi-millionaires.

  3. kaili is a cunt and has more cottage cheese on her legs than my local whole
    foods has on the shelf-

  4. Congress is the biggest problem. They fight with President Obama on
    everything. Republicans are nothing but dirty ugly politicians.

  5. A no brainer, and yet something that no other president even bothered to
    try to accomplish. So you’re a fucking wingnut; who cares?

  6. Well, you have to give him some credit on allowing gays to openly serve in
    the military, receive health benefits for partners of federal employees and
    hospital visitation rights.

  7. Obama is the only president who came close to pretty much fully supporting
    gay marriage. It has been the ONLY remarkable thing he has done.

  8. Well, maybe that’s why you are so ignorant about American politics,
    numbnuts. In this country, it has been a massive, constant and difficult
    battle against conservatives to secure the most basic freedoms for our
    people. Blacks didn’t even have the right to VOTE until the 1960s. And
    America’s conservatives, like Ron Paul, are still pissed they lost the
    Civil War and that blacks and women gained equal rights. They’ve been
    trying to roll back the progress ever since.

  9. uggg It’s so disappointing when people complain about Obama but then say
    they intend to vote for him again. Like this lady and the Bradley Manning
    singers at the fundraiser. I’m not going to vote for him again, and I’m for
    sure not going to give him $250 again. Stop saying you’ll vote for him
    again, say lets get a better a candidate before the primaries.

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