4 Comments on “Karl Frisch and Stephanie Miller Discuss Michele Bachmann’s Decision to Leave Congress”

  1. How embarrassing a 57 yr old man who is still so stupid and
    ignorant…Black people like you who go around and promote the party that
    is preventing your race from voting for starters and doesn’t even like you
    except for when they use you as a mouthpiece to regurgitate their
    racist degradation of your own kind..Go on cheer for them moron put your
    head in the sand while they kick you in the ass..How brainwashed and brain
    dead are you that you think white people that are “liberal” are the 2 faced
    racists and not the mostly Southern Repugnant party which has based every
    election on white anger at YOU as a black man for daring to ask for
    recompensation for 400 yrs of slavery and mass murder..Think on that you

  2. yo Paul i’m a 57yr old conservative black man,and the most 2 faced racist
    folks i’ve ever had to deal with all my life are white liberals,they try so
    hard to overcompensate for their racism that they go overboard to appease
    us(blacks),you hit the nail on the head,”white guilt”hell i don’t hold shit
    against anybody white,non of my white family members or friends ever owned
    slaves,they don’t owe me shit! what’s funny all the libs i’ve met stick up
    for me but do so from their all white neighborhood

  3. Just another white bitch claiming to be “progressive” but really suffering
    from white quilt. Dont talk about Tpp or obamas open arm policy with
    monsanto or his relationship with penny pigface pritzer-and of all people
    to bring into the government while claiming to be pro working class.
    Smashing service worker unions as well as the teachers unions in Chicago
    and destroying working class Chicago neighborhoods for the benefit of
    wealthy real estate speculaters. Stephanie Miller is a shill for obama

  4. The problem I see with most Democrats,which I consider myself to be in
    theory,is simple…….They’re too worried about what Republicans are
    fucking up to worry about what Democrats(Obama,Emanuel etc.) are fucking
    up. I think most Republicans do the same thing. They’re all scumbags,the
    sooner we all realize this and start new parties to vote for,the better.
    These Democratic pundits emulate the same tactics Republicans use. I don’t
    subscribe to any of it. I’m not looking to be pandered to.

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