3 Comments on “Karl Frisch and Stephanie Miller Discuss Missouri’s Anti-Obama Redneck Racist Rodeo Clowns”

  1. All of these progressive radio shows have like 500 views. Enough said. I’ll
    head on over to the non-partisan infowars or drudge report for my news.

  2. WOW! On the Peter Schiff Show, I just heard Stephanie correct a caller
    after he said that the Repubs are holding his children hostage. She
    responded by saying that they are blowing them up, insinuating that Repubs
    are terrorists. She is calling republicans enemies of our government. With
    such bias, it’s no wonder she is not doing well on radio. Everyone is
    beneath her if they don’t see things her way. Stephanie, you should do
    something else instead of radio. You are less than honorable.

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