11 Comments on “Karl Frisch and Stephanie Miller Discuss the Former Half-Term Assclown of Alaska, Sarah Palin”

  1. To be honest. I just heard of this lady, searched her name on youtube, and
    read the titles of a few videos and decided she’s not worth the headache.
    I’m pretty sick and tired of liberal hypocrits spewing crap about
    republicans being “racist, bigots, hateful fearmongering psychos”, yet even
    when I genuinly want to hear what the other side wants to say, all I ever
    hear is racist, hateful, bigoted garbage. I won’t deny that there probably
    are some racist republicans; but the party that truly acts and talks racist
    is the democrats. Now all you liberals have fun with your self loathing and
    incessant hate speech.

  2. Thank-you Karl. I enjoy your segments very much.

    I see there is the typical ass-clown trolls leaving comments, below. I
    guess we should be flattered they feel it so threatening that the truth is
    getting out, that they should attempt to distract attention.
    Corruption will do that. Corporatist republican’s are trash. Not the role
    models or leaders they would like to think they are.

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