9 Comments on “Kelly Clarckson’s Jane Austen ring. I’m sorry Uk didn’t she buy it”

  1. This is probably a little late to be worth anything, but most ‘Americans’
    actually fought for the British. This included slaves, because we abolished
    slavery a long time before America did. Also, almost all native tribes
    fought for the British because the British traded with them; they knew the
    Americans would just steal their land if they got independence.

    I feel it was a bit stupid to sell the ring and then say that she couldn’t
    take it out of the country, but all the same it’s a national treasure of

  2. Every country that has laws to hold onto things that are considered
    historic or culturally significant so Austen being arguably the greatest
    female author of all time falls into this category. Would the US allow
    objects to do with George Washington etc leave the country, hows about the
    original US flag or the US constitution. Dam the US even has Washington’s
    false teeth in a museum well the UK’s no different but whilst you don’t
    appreciate your countries history, perhaps you think it has none the UK has
    lots and wants to respect and appreciate it especially for future

  3. Most countries in the world have laws like this, including your own
    country. International law has no problem with it. Even if you don’t care
    about Jane Austen, she matters in the UK – even going on the £10 note in

  4. For some reason the Feminist Lobby groups in the UK have this fixation on
    Jane Austen these last few months as a leading women in history that
    ’empowers’ women.

  5. I don’t care what a group of arrogant Americans think, and apparently not
    many people do as this guy’s videos are lucky to get 60 views! The morons
    that comment here do not represent the majority of British people who think
    the ring belongs in the UK! American’s don’t understand this because they
    don’t have any traditions or culture! This guy is just an idiot who’s
    opinion should not be cared about!

  6. What an idiot this guy is, obviously he doesn’t realise what culture is and
    he thought Clarkson bought the ring of Austin ! He obviously doesn’t
    realise she died 200 years ago.

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