45 Comments on “Kenyans react to Uganda’s anti-homosexuality law”

  1. We Africans our identity is always our moral values so accepting gayism
    will be like losing our identity. .Africa has been busy rooting out
    dictators like gaddafi for the last 4 years, now anti gay revolution has
    just started. .If you are gay you better transform or find a place to go
    for gayism exile before it’s too late.

  2. A big FUCK YOU to the Ugandan government and to the supporters of this dumb
    fking law.

  3. M7 and his retarded law can go to hell…!! Mavi ya kuku..small brains..!
    BTW, U.K can and will never ascend to such a bill so stop wasting your
    breath and maybe wait for Ruto (the fake christian) to take over and sign

  4. Those bible thumping lunatics screaming here should know that the same
    bible they quote also condemns hate and discrimination of another..who made
    you God? How can you claim to be God loving yet have so much hate for your
    fellow human being? Grow up idiots! Every human being has a right to
    belong..! Oh pleeeeease!! Nkt

  5. okay i think you for your comments, of hatred, i am not upset, but thank
    you, if you want to kill your people then go ahead, dont expect for
    american black to help you, we wont, i promise you that. why dont you get
    the all the white people out of your country and see what happen. since
    you are so bent on being rigthous. sad ia all i can say, i feel sorry for
    you and other that choose to play god.

  6. Kenya for this law you are attracting the wrath of the Almighty Elohim on
    your heads…

  7. Black Americans are an insult to the African people. Kenyan and Ugandan
    people are much better than blacks here

  8. There is nothing else for me to add here, Murume Murataine has said it all.
    As for this chic Shirley who ever, is she a dyke or what? I am sure this
    reporter would have looked for a better more mature woman to ask that
    question instead of looking for a lesbian.

  9. This is the 21ST Century, for God’s sake.
    People can answer to there own understanding of the creator.
    Your Jesus may not approve of the religious spirt.

  10. It is a dark and evil day for my people in Uganda. I feel for them and hope
    people will wake upp swiftly as to how dreadful it is to hurt their
    brothers and sisters this way. It is awful to force parents to abandon
    their sons and daughters to a terrible law. It is awful to turn neighbor
    against neighbor forcing people to inform authorities about lgbt-peoples
    whereabouts. It shows the dangers of religion and how it breaks up families
    and create suffering.

  11. Well, this was certainly a setback for civilization. Hopefully, this hate
    propaganda won’t spread to other countries in Africa. If the people of
    Uganda want to be part of the modern world, they will elect a better
    government. I’m glad to hear that my country has stopped all financial aid
    to Uganda’s government, and has decided to fund the human rights
    organisation in the country instead. 

  12. Africans are fucking hungry and barely can afford medicine. Now this
    president who has brainwashed the uganda people into this gay law so he can
    stay in power and rape your country.
    Shame on uganda people for falling into this evil trap. You can barely eat
    and yet you fall prey to this baboon.
    Since how the fuck does a anti-gay law come out of nowhere because thats
    what he believes?
    A horrible disgrace to humanity this president is going to destroy the
    country as he is keeping everyone happy to think he is helping you people.
    Mandela must be rolling in his grave now saying what the fuck is going on.

  13. Cool, white people made us slaves and gave us no rights. Let’s copy them
    now by making, ummm, let’s see…hmm…oh yeah, GAYS as slaves. Nobody like
    them so they’re an easy target. 

  14. well being a christian and straight i believe to love one another and
    treat each other with love and respect. As long as you’re not interfering
    with my life daily i don’t care what you do with your Private life. God
    will Judge you not me. I think Africa has bigger issues to tackle for
    example corruption, crime rate than worrying about how people are living
    this lives. But maybe its just me though.

  15. Kenya Should also adopt the same law,we are African with our own culture
    and we have a right to say no; to the so called western. Now they want us
    to copy them because of human rights.then we are also going to tell them to
    copy us also to be a polygamous.And you’ll get them saying something else
    to dirty African people by saying that we are primitive. 

  16. even animals know not to have same sex partners ,,i thought as humans we
    should behave better than that, i dont hate gay people but i hate the
    behaviour, if any law is to be passed in kenya we have to make sure that
    gay people are not persecuted because two wrongs dont make a right

  17. Big Up Museveni! obama can sell his gay policies to his fellow countrymen

  18. kenya is as divided as it is.We don’t need further divisions.We have
    serious issues in our country{poverty,corruption,hunger},and homosexuality
    is bt a mere diversion by politicians from the real issues that face us
    each day. Morals,culture,religion all evolve with society and not the other
    way round. I dont condone homosexuality,bt i do not condemn it either.
    Museveni is a dictator, a coward unable to take on the opposition,he is
    SH*T and his decisions r never 4 the benefit of his p’ple.

  19. This is what is called a cultural clash.its unthinkable to be guy. As you
    can see, Africans find it hard to describe gay! 

  20. i trust Uhuru never to be drawn into this nonesense,a country should
    protect the rights of all its citizens regardless their sexual
    orientation.what pple do in their bedrooms is their business.

  21. Hahahaha. That guy must be a Meru for sure !! That stuff cracked me up. 

  22. This is the 21ST Century, for God’s sake.
    People can answer to there own understanding of the creator.
    Your Jesus may not approve of the religious spirt.


  24. When you have to pass a law to deter, you have to wonder, how anti-gay is
    the culture really?

  25. There is a thing called sanctions, but we need to work on something
    else…..if Uganda hates the west, why the hell are they using technologies
    that we invented. Uganda, the owners of Youtube (Google) support gay
    rights….why don’t you stop using Youtube and make your own technologies
    and isolate yourself from the rest of the world. We don’t need you at all
    as one of the worlds poorest countrues…..you need us.

  26. those poor country have so many issued. and problem to solved used Laws and
    your energy to help you citizen living and improved their life conditioned
    no someone sexual orientation !!!

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