26 Comments on “Keystone XL An ‘Act Of War’ Says Native American Tribe”

  1. Of course they’ll ignore them! This is the race that is still sitting on
    their stolen land, yet has the staggering lack of self awareness to be
    complaining about immigrants to the land that the stole in the first place.
    If the Sioux are lucky, they’ll receive a compulsory purchase order on
    their land. America has shown time and again that invading foreign nations
    causes them no discomfort whatsoever.

  2. Evil white people committed genocide against the “peaceful” Native
    Americans. White people invented germs that killed all those “peaceful”
    Native Americans who were constantly warring with one another, eating human
    fleash, scalping their enemies, and performing human sacrifice around the

    Environmentalism is a front for communism. Fuck the savage Native

  3. Cenk, this is the third story on South Dakota in as many months. Did you
    know the voters in Fall River County, South Dakota, gathered signatures to
    put a proposed fracking waste dump on the last election ballot and those
    ballots remain locked and uncounted to this day as the oil companies are
    trying to use legal maneuvering and a corrupt State Government to open the
    site and leave the votes uncounted. There is a greater reason the Sioux
    Nations oppose this. The reservations are at the base of a natural drainage
    basin that has historically deposited mining waste on the reservations and
    in their water. Energy is why Anna Mae Aquash was killed back in the 70’s,
    she spoke up about uranium mining. This is also the same area that the
    Wounded Knee Uprising took place. Not only is a fracking dump proposed to
    be built but they are starting to frack for uranium there also…literally
    right there…just on the other side of the county. All this above a huge
    natural spring system. I could go on and on, having been elected to a City
    Council seat in the area twice I can tell you there is no end to the
    corruption in that State. I wish you could talk about this ballot
    issue….the folks in that county worked so hard to get it in the ballot
    and even the States Attorney agreed that it was all done correctly and
    could be voted on. Now he is on the outs with the powers that be but he is
    hang tough. The votes are locked up in a room…this is wrong. Cenk, can
    you please help them out?

  4. The actual facts of the pipeline gets hidden by two form,s of bullshit. On
    the Republican side is acting like this is going to help make us energy
    independent (it isn’t) and it’s going to create a ton of new jobs (it will
    create some, but not permanent and then there’s not many). Basically, this
    is Republicans trying to give something to their donors to make them a lot
    of money as a thank you.

    On the Democrat side, they deny that it’s more efficient and energy saving
    to transport over a pipeline than via train or trucks. And there should be
    no environmental problems.

    So basically, while the Republicans are serving up a bunch of lies about
    why it’s so desperately needed, there’s really no reason not to build it
    either, so why not just do it? It may end up being a slight plus, both
    environmentally and at least for a few jobs. 

  5. And some racist americans have the audacity to complain about illegal
    immigration when they are still living in illegally stolen land and still
    oppressing its natives . Native Americans also had immigration laws and
    were nations of laws as well. The ironic thing is that many of these
    “illegal” immigrants are native american also . Like a great native
    american seattle chief said : one day the white man will experience the
    same that he has begotten in this earth and he will suffer what every non
    white man has gone through due to the white mans hands. Nature will bring
    justice to what has been done wrong in the past and the land that has been
    afflicted will be brought back into balance and the white man cast out as
    they to have cast out so many . The law of karma exist and the natives
    knew it . One should not live with hate but with the understanding that
    we are all one .
    i have no hate of white people , i am also half white and half native
    american but the truth is that many racists are hellbend on destroying
    instead of healing

  6. Tribalism is a joke. We shouldn’t cater to these people. Let alone give
    them their own “sovereign nation”

    I want to preserve your tribal culture just like I want to preserve
    Confederate culture….. I don’t want to preserve Confederate culture. 

  7. I feel shitty for the natives it sucks. but for fuck sakes everytime
    something happens in canada the “cheifs” always get pissed because they see
    dollar signs in it and every one else in the tribe gets totally ripped offI
    so from personal experience really dont trust the cheifs at all
    pipeline- we have to progress, and unless you want another disaster like
    the bp oil crisis this has to be the next reasonable step. you cant go from
    0- 100 you need some adjustment along the way technologically
    do you want oil to spill on land where the pipe line can be shut off
    minimizing cleanup environmental damage and profit loss, aswell as the
    millions of dollers that it costs to cleanup which I’m sure your aware
    usually falls on tax payers or would you like it to spill in our precious
    ocean which makes up most of our planet. fossil fuel is here to stay untill
    a more reliable environmentally friendly method becomes available which
    eventually will be the go to fuel and can be used across the planet, Im
    not holding my breath that, that will happen in my life time, so maybe all
    the millions of ignorant fucks who LOVE to feel awesome about themselves
    when they complain about shit thats actually a lot better off then what
    they had before, maybe try DOING something to actually help, maybe look
    into engineering something usefull, learn about alternative energy sources,
    but your complaints mean nothing to no one because nobody reads them and
    nobody cares. 

  8. First of all.
    It’s ONLY the Sioux and Lakota who are against the Pipeline.I have Choctaw
    ancestry and most of our tribal members in Oklahoma support the Pipeline
    because it would not only help us become energy independant but shut down
    the Liberal/Socialist lie of waging war for oil.And not to mention finally
    move away from the Middle East Islamist regimes.
    Not ALL Native Americans are a united people hating on people of other
    race.The Choctaw tribe has always stayed away from conflicts with settlers
    who bought their lands like in Virginia.The Mexicans were another issue

  9. What makes these people more native than I? I was born and raised on this
    land. They were born and raised on this land. Neither I nor them can
    control the past, and neither I nor them chose to be born here. So tell me,
    why are they somehow “more American” than I am?

  10. I support the whites.

    The native americans had no written language. No technology. No medicine.

    You want to live like that? No? Then why do you favor the native
    americans so much? Makes no sense to me.

  11. If the government tries to push it, mobilize a huge social media push to
    have tens of thousands of people from all over the country to gather on the
    tribal land and fortify it.

    Even if the government tries an armed incursion into the tribal lands, film
    the whole thing and stream it live onto the internet. The government mowing
    down American citizens being shown to the world live over the internet
    would be a PR disaster the likes of which would bring down the government.

    A brilliant move by their leader. This time its the Sioux who have the US
    government by the balls. 

  12. Yah you invaders think this is the old west and one Native American group
    would be alone if a war with natives really did happen! I am sorry but your
    will be sadly be mistaken and realize you have just shook up a hornet nest!
    Try rolling over the Sioux Nations and you will so millions of aboriginals
    people all across America and Canada as well as central and South America
    swarm in! so try it, this isn’t 1800’s and we are not helpless Indians any
    more , so all you racist boat people want to jump in and say your stupid
    comments about how you already won the war and already wiped us out and
    took our land! We will see so comment all you want, We have resisted you
    for 500 years and we no longer stand alone! So try it and watch what
    happens! I know there will be 1000’s of Mi’kmaq’s who will come to the aid
    of the Sioux! 

  13. An “act of war” that will be fought with class action lawsuits for 15 years
    will no settlement. Scalp someone, otherwise, this is FAKE and.. gay.

  14. People laughing at W Bush is so sad.

    And look what came after him? The traitor Hussein Osama.

    Unbelievable. Both political parties in the US are completely gone now.
    Both corrupt beyond the point of no return.

  15. This pipeline is not in the best interest of the Americans. Its is in the
    best interest of the Canadians, pointedly Albertans. We need to get our oil
    out of Canada, the people of Canada are not stupid about the risks
    otherwise the pipeline would go through British Columbia. Google the
    protests of the kinder-morgan pipeline. So, I am torn, I want to continue
    to make 140-160k a year but in my heart I know its wrong and I want to cry
    when I hear about the oil spills because I know I am partly responsible.
    And everyday I go to work and see to damage I am helping with.

  16. Thank God for the aboriginal tribes. Those little pockets of sovereignty
    are the only things standing in the way of the corporate roto-tiller that’s
    eating up nearly every resource on the planet. Up here in Canada,
    aboriginal tribes went on a nation-wide march against the government,
    because the government changed the language in our laws to basically allow
    corporations to wreck as much of Canada’s wild life as they want to. A year
    after this happens, we start hearing non-stop about “pipeline” “pipeline”
    “pipeline”. On the television, on the internet – for a while in Alberta you
    couldn’t look at a YouTube video without seeing some ad about a pipeline of
    all the colours of the rainbow. Keysone XL, Trans Canada, you name it, they
    want to pipe it. Pipelines to the East of us. Pipelines to the West. Here
    we are: stuck in the middle with goo.

    But the aboriginals gave the government a good fight. Basically, if we want
    to have any say in what happens to our back yards, we should be standing
    with the Sioux, the Lakota, the Attawapiskat, the Blackfoot and anyone else
    that oppose the corporate bullies that are screwing up the world. Because
    right now they have the best chance of stopping them.

  17. Look we are going to be reliant on oil for at least the next century. We
    might as well get it from a nation that doesn’t have a long list of human
    rights violations. I know you want to switch entirely to “green energy,”
    but the technology just isn’t there yet.

    Wind isn’t strong enough in most places, sun doesn’t shine enough in most
    places, and waterfalls big enough for hydroelectric dams are few and far

    In addition, these green technologies aren’t as “green” as you think. Wind
    and solar farms require much more land to set up, not only being an
    eyesore, but also killing birds who try to make nests on or fly into the
    windmills, and also requiring the land to be cleared for their building. Or
    did you think we just built the solar panels on top of trees? Newsflash:
    that would kill the tree, because the panel would block all the sunlight.
    Then the now dead tree would fall over and destroy the solar panel too. And
    if you think we could just build the solar panels in an existing clearing
    thats still going to kill the grass, displace animals, and all sorts of
    other problems. Then hydroelectric dams interfere with the migration of
    fish, cause parts of the land to become man made lakes, and numerous other
    aquatic problems.

    Oh and those electric cars? Electricity has to be generated. The
    electricity powering you electric car probably came from a coal, gas, or
    oil powered electric plant. Theres no escaping it. In order to make energy
    something of equal value must be exchanged for it. Thats the” law of
    equivalent exchange” to quote FMA.

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