38 Comments on “Kids Opinions on Gay Marriage”

  1. It’s adorable. My daughter says the same thing, that she would like another
    mommy XD I asked her cause I always like to know her opinion. She was only
    4 when I asked her but kids are smart and they Do know what they want. All
    the idiots on here posting hatefull comments could really learn a thing or
    two about life. They are giving children no credit by saying they don’t
    know what they want cause they’re kids……that just doesn’t sound right
    to me.

  2. this is horrible. kids eat crayons and put spaghetti in their hair. you
    think they know what they want?? i want 1 mom and 1 dad, and im glad i have

  3. OMG kids need to just be kids and not have adult issues rammed down their
    throats and let them be fukd up on their own when they grow up. 

  4. its a chocolate sandwich? Oh so good Aw “Two mommys” haha he say “i know
    you” Great video , love it


  6. Jen and I need to make a short enough video…. Cuz all our videos are
    super long… The woman dancing in the christmas video is my mom. And yes
    its smuckers

  7. So cute! And I have to say they’re both beautiful children! And also you
    two! Greetings from Italy! <3

  8. Mmmm cuz kids this age know what they need right? And hese kids weren’t
    talked into this opinion right? And them missing out on having a father in
    the house is a good thing for these kids right? And these ladies aren’t
    just thinking if themselves right?

  9. So.. Is Jen, the one who’s those kids’ mother, the person holding the
    camera aka your girlfriend?

  10. There’s an uneaten (is that a word?) sandwich on the plate. It reminds me
    how great moms are. They are always the last one to eat, first one to do
    the chores. Maybe a little stereotypical though.

  11. People are having serious discussions and rebuttals and all I can think of
    is how much I want a PB and J sandwich

  12. If/When you two get married, would you both wear brideal gowns, or would
    you wear a tux and act as the ‘husband’?

  13. thats so damn cute!!! and is the person holding the camera ur girlfriend
    jen? and who’s karlie? and r u and jen getting married!?

  14. Well, the laws of marriage have evolved. It used to be in accordance to the
    bible and the bible used to say that if the wife was not a virgin she would
    be stoned to death. You people annoy me because you stick in the past.
    Apparently science was witchcraft back then, too. If someone wants to marry
    someone of the same sex, I don’t see why they can’t. Used vaginas used to
    be gross, too, but we’ve evolved around that. Also,they proved most gays
    were born gay, something about testosterone…

  15. I’m fine with gay marriage as long as they don’t use it as an excuse for
    stuff. Like if they didnt get hired “you only didnt hire me because im gay
    im gonna sue you!” Or if they say they are a third gender or neither
    gender, you can only be one if you become another gender you got rid of
    your old gender only being a hermaphrodite can somewhat change that. But ya
    they can marry if they want to its their life and doesnt matter to me in
    anyway so why should i object to it?

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