29 Comments on “Kim Coles Talks about Gay Rights…WTF???”

  1. U right. Remember that video I sent U? Look @ them comments from Black
    Gays. I also commented on her video and a few people agreed with me and
    then the likes just went away. They don’t want to look at the root of their
    behavior and if u disagree with them then they will tell u to kick rocks
    and ride with otha groups that will cosign that bullshit. At the end of the
    day it doesn’t help us as a people, but they don’t give a damn because they
    out for self and self only.

  2. It’s clear to me more and more why Obama was selected/elected, these groups
    wouldn’t tried this on a wm. As far as africanamerican, regardless of what
    we may know that’s our true native land fuck this land.

  3. Usually it’s us sistas that talk about making coalitions with other groups
    that don’t care about us one bit. They’re the first ones that put us sistas
    under the bus to appease and maintain white supremacy in America and the
    world. Angylgyrl

  4. @pookiebear97 It’s really not because we don’t even speak the language or
    practice the culture of Africans.

  5. Certain blacks like Kim Coles, I swear there’s a bizarre obsession with
    standing up for people that you KNOW will not stand up for you when the
    tables are turned. Our own house isn’t in order yet we’re trying to help
    other folks? Other folks determined to use us then throw us away?

  6. Hey Harvey we got every right to be included in the Afrakan Diasporan
    Family. I wouldn’t want to be anybody but The Original!

  7. Gays have taken over civil rights in America, which is why their issues get
    more exposure than ours. You should do a search on YouTube for “Professor
    Griff & Dr. Umar Johnson Full Lecture” parts 1 and 2. Dr. Johnson goes into
    more detail about this subject.

  8. Get the fuck back in that God Damn closet & padlock that Muthafucka!! You
    think your in pain? You gonna have more pain if you open that closet door!!!

  9. notice how she mentioned the so-called down lo brothers out of nowhere. Its
    just like Dr. Francis Cress Welsing mentioned in her book. Its the
    effiminization the the black man., because European Americans fear white
    genetic Annihilation.

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