45 Comments on “Kristin Chenoweth Disagrees With Michele Bachmann On Gay Marriage”

  1. Christian, Muslim…whatever. All religion is stupid and people need to get
    into the the 21st century.

  2. why did God not created 2 Eve’s? or 2 Adam’s? we do not have to change the
    Bible because of the century we live in!!! God will judge all one day! He
    has never encouraged such relations. and yes…. He never made any
    mistake! that is why He is God! and this days seems people rather preach
    the immorality as being normal…God have Mercy !!!.

  3. Have you seen Michelle Bachmann’s husband? He could be a poster boy for
    the gay rights movement. He’s not even well closeted. Good grief!!!

  4. in the same scripture (1 corinthians 6:9-11) everyone speaks of it doesnt
    say JUST homosexuals. we pick and choose what we want to hear and preach
    but in that verse it also speaks of cheaters, idolaters, thieves, greedy
    people, and drunkards. why not put them out there on the spot. when someone
    is greedy we just shake our heads but they keep doing it because it is
    legal. if a man cheats on his wife its no one elses business but him and
    his wifes. why not persecute them? everyone is being so hateful and
    throwing verses to defend their case but here i am, a gay CHRISTIAN and
    living for the lord. John 3:16 says “…WHOEVER believes in him will have
    eternal life” not “whoever (except gay people) believes in him” God would
    be be proud of the hatred and ugly comments you “christian” people are
    putting up here. love another and spread the word through love, not force.

  5. Believe it or not, some of the folks who now condemn homosexuality because
    of the bible will leave their brainwashing behind one day and begin to
    think for themselves. Then they will start to look at gay people through
    their own eyes and most likely accept them as the regular folks they are,
    who just happen to be attracted to people of the same sex. And they’ll
    realize that it’s no big deal; it’s just their former screwed-up belief
    system that was making it a big deal in their minds.

    The people I’ve encountered who have been able to un-brainwash themselves
    from (conservative/fundamentalist) religion are so thankful to have finally
    gotten this “religion sickness” out of their heads. And they are now
    enjoying their new freedom of thinking their own thoughts – rather than
    always thinking what their belief system tells them to think, like they
    used to. Hallelujah!

    All the best.

  6. lol if these people are christians am the pope hearing those kinds of
    statement !!!!

  7. John 3:16 end of story! Keep it simple. Two things judges alone. His faith
    and the contents of his heart

  8. I’ve always been confused as to why homosexuality was an issue. If someone
    doesn’t want to get with someone else of the same gender, then don’t.
    However, it’s, in my opinion, pretty sucky that some people have to act
    strongly against it, sometimes even violently. And I, meaning no offense,
    don’t think a religious argument is the best argument for being against
    homosexuality. It’s a very repetitive “My God and my Bible say no, so
    don’t.” argument. However, /my/ beliefs don’t give a shit who you love,
    just as long as you’re happy.

  9. How can u be a christian and support homosexuality. Oh come on. Wud Jesus
    accept homosexuality if He was here?. Homosexuality is unnatural, against
    God’s law. Read Romans 1 ok people. God loves us all he will forgive you if
    you confess your sins. He knows that homosexuality is a struggle and
    weakness but He will help you once you accept that ur a sinning. But look
    at Romans 1 where it says God gave them over to a reprobate mind. THAT IS A

  10. @DataWaveTaGo You mean “empathetic”? If Chenoweth believed otherwise, then
    she would lose probably the majority of her fan base. That view has
    decreased enormously in popularity in the past few years.

  11. “They hear Christian and go ‘Oh, are you crazy?’ Well…. I won’t get into
    my opinion regarding that question… But to each their own, it’s when you
    start rubbing it in my face and forcing it into my life, and my laws, that
    I have a very big problem with it. And that is what they do, and have
    always done. You do whatever makes you happy in your own home, but do not
    tell me I can’t do something because your CHOSEN faith says it’s not okay.
    Especially in a country based on freedom of religion, and freedom in
    general. Religion has no place in politics. But then again, issues like gay
    marriage should not even be considered political matters..
    That being said she sounds like a very intelligent and thoughtful woman and
    I commend her for speaking out for what she feels is right, and making it
    clear that not all people of a certain faith believe the exact same thing.
    It’s insane to me that so many people who believe a man that created the
    world in all it’s glory is actually sitting “up there” looking down on us,
    fuming over to men being in love, it’s laughable and again.. insane.

  12. So, I guess you are comparing war, famine and disease to homosexuality?
    Doesn’t sound too good…

  13. since the Republicans are so anti gay and homophobic then why aren’t they
    shellfish-phobic and anti scallops and anti clams,
    etc….??????………………isn’t eating shellfish a sin in their man
    made Bible of a billion interpretations that are conjured up in their
    hateful brains…………….

  14. I’m tolerable to agree with you but would you stone ur wife if u found out
    if she had sex b4 you 2 got marry. If you didnt then ur wife had sin do u
    judge & remember her of that 4 the rest of ur life If no Then do the same 2
    the gays. We cant help it if everyone wants to be gay now. Now i’m not
    saying every1 gay or even a large group of us but we r just the minor group
    & we want the right we deserve, it call the 1st amendment get over
    yourself. u still have right even if we get the same 1s.

  15. what?? when you typed this lunacy, could you feel your brain stem seizing?
    uniqueness equals gay rights?

  16. See the thing is I sin just as much as you. You use the bible against me so
    why can’t I use it against you.

  17. Which God are you referring to? The one who chooses to talk to specific
    people about 5000 years ago? Or the one that made Joseph Smith inscribe his
    laws? Or Jesus who said “judge and you shall be judged”? And I would dare
    you to any measurable intelligence challenge 😉 Peace out

  18. ……….what would you do if you needed surgery and a gay doctor was
    helping you would you say oh sorry I only want a straight doctor to perform
    my surgery…………..give me a break you sick fuck

  19. “There are many kinds of Muslims”. Well actually you are right, but a
    middle aged, blonde around any of them would be considered a young, juicy

  20. Piers is a knob, but you lot hate him for having an opinion, just because
    something is in your constitution, dosen’t make tt right or true, you have
    certain states like NY and California that are great to visit, but other
    than that, you’re nothing special, get over yourselves.

  21. You sort of defy logic and reason, you do know that, right? Your Christian
    ancestors already redefined marriage as being a sacred institution confined
    to the purview of the church. A church considerably younger than the
    institution it would like to define and control.

  22. well put Kristen, loved your show ‘the good christian belles (bitches).
    Such a shame it was cancelled.

  23. You make an awful lot of judgements about me. I have only made one
    judgement based on your own comments. I don’t sin as much as you, I used to
    and maybe even sin more than you do but Jesus saved me not only from the
    consequences of sin but the power and bondage of sin, and He is willing to
    save you too. But He resists the proud. I haven’t to this point used the
    Bible against you either and I wouldn’t do that, I would only do it to show
    u the error of your ways that you might be saved.

  24. Don’t you quote the bible on me, what person actually “met” god… no one
    who lives to tell the tale. It’s just people tripping on LSD when they
    didn’t know what it was yet. I’m not christian, and I’m not catholic, and
    I’m not religious in any way. So continue to respond to me without quoting
    that fictional novel.

  25. Marriage is between two people who love one another. If you don’t want to
    marry someone of the same gender because you believe YOUR marriage should
    be between a man and a woman, that’s fine. But you can’t deem what’s
    appropriate for other people. It’s like me going to Subway and getting
    pissed off because you don’t order the same sandwich that I do.

  26. So… people get a spiritual high from looking down on homosexuals? I’m not
    following. I’ve heard the idea that if its spiritually toxic to stay away
    from it… and despite the rampant paranoia about homosexuality spreading
    through the atmosphere like some crazy form of poison gas… the majority
    of these people who are so vehemently opposed to gay rights get the
    majority of their exposure to it from being in that fight. If its hot in
    the kitchen, get out of it. Don’t stand and whine about it

  27. Cont…Florists, caterers, preachers, etc are being sued for choosing not
    to participate in something they believe goes against their faith. What
    about their freedoms to conduct their own businesses as they see fit. The
    world is going to live as the world pleases, my job is to spread the Gospel
    message and rightly judge within the Christian faith. Peace!

  28. The Bible offends you because it shines a light on our sins. God has
    written His holy laws on the heart of every man, that’s why you know it’s
    wrong to lie, steal, murder etc Atheism is a crutch for those who don’t
    want there to be any acountability, Unfortunately denying God doesn’t
    nullify His existence or change the fact that we will all stand before Him
    when we die.

  29. I love how Kristin Chenoweth is a Christain and at the same time is a
    morally good person who cares more about the character of someone and
    nothing else

  30. But it’s cool for a man to stick his penis in a woman’s mouth and anus?
    Also, are you aware that homosexuality is found in every single species on
    the planet?

  31. “Additionally, I don’t use government to oppress anybody” I meant you as a
    group. I meant the militant filthy gay lobby who infiltrated the media, the
    government , the entertainment industry and now mocking churches who refuse
    to back down. I pay taxes which are used to support these groups I disagree
    with . So I am not gona stand back and watch. I personally seen this
    cowards attacking churches and mocking what is holy for us. So don’t talk
    about tolerance you knocking on the wrong door.

  32. Additionally, I don’t use government to oppress anybody. First of all, I
    don’t have that much power or influence, no matter how much you want to
    flatter me by suggesting I do. Secondly, I don’t care what your beliefs
    are. Have them. Profess them. Knock yourself out. But do not assume that I
    feel – or should feel – obligated to sit back and have my right to think
    your moral views of the world are nonsense and be steamrolled into
    observing tenants from a religion I think is nonsense.

  33. The legend Dolly Parton said I want Kristin Chenoweth to play my life story
    and I can see why thier hearts is so big and beautiful and Kristin is very
    truthful with her heart as Dolly is!!..Kristin be the best to play Dolly’s
    life story and her very beautiful like Dolly and very much like Dolly in
    her heart!

  34. That is part of the dietary laws given to the Jewish Nation of Israel under
    the Old Covenant. Christians don’t have to adhere to the old dietary and
    ceremonial laws of the OT. We are under the New Covenant.

  35. So before you made the choice to be straight, did you actually try out the
    gay life to see if it was for you. Or did you just fantasize about it for a
    couple of years?

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