31 Comments on “Kyle & Oliver Part 32”

  1. “Oliver’s his own person, always has been.” Doesn’t that go against pretty
    much EVERYTHING we’ve seen of Oliver up to the coming out episodes? Wow. At
    least I’m not here for the writing.

  2. I’m not sure I totally agree. I think Oliver, Nick, and Amelia all made
    excellent points. Not sure this is a black or white, right or wrong kind of
    question. True about the plot left hanging, though…the weddings happened
    and then what?

  3. Kyle dosent love nick he loves oliver the glance was special . To me nick
    is a fling nothing more nothing less

  4. I’m sorry, I am an out and proud gay man, and I’d happily fight for my
    rights. But this attitude of the ends justifying the means is not the way
    to go. One of the biggest arguments for gay marriage is that it’s about two
    people who love each other. If we lie to get what we want, we lose our
    credibility, but more importantly, we lose our integrity and that is a far
    more severe loss. Incidentally, what ever happened with this plot? No one
    ever followed through on how it went down.

  5. I totally agree. I am a straight woman but I support Gay Right 100% and I
    think that what they did degrades the actual purpose. I am all for Gay
    Rights but I do not think that that was the way to go about getting them,
    upon a lie.

  6. Correction, Human Rights, saying Gay Rights makes it sound like we’re less
    and need our own set of rights, Human Rights and Marriage Equality, not
    trying to be a bother.

  7. The “boy in the back” is hilarious…David is the perfect match for Dorian,
    who is accustomed to running over everyone in her path, lol.

  8. When Amelia is talking to Oliver, it seems to me like She’s acting as a
    lawyer asking questions to the witness, just saying..

  9. Ewww… when Nick’s in ‘politician/campaign’ mode, he can be really icky. I
    love how Oliver is unphased by their scheming, and tells them exactly how
    it is… not how they’re trying to twist it.

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