28 Comments on “Lady Gaga Does Amazing Speech @ National Equality March Rally”

  1. You know if she did this speech today, all you would hear from the audience
    is “yaaaaaaaaaaaaaas”

  2. Hehe tiny gaga lol , I love this speech she is such an inspiration , I
    really think she could be president , I love her sooo much and will support
    for life. PAWS UP !!

  3. Listen, to all you hatred out there, you are nothing, hear this, Lady Gaga
    is an inspiration, she is a model, she inspires us to be ourselves and to
    be free of the bonds that society places on us, if you are too shallow,
    self-righteous, ignorant, blind, and full of hate to see this, then god
    forgive you, she is my personal inspiration, she tells me to love me for me
    no matter what, and I love her for that most of all!!! P.S. She does right
    her own music, she is not a musician, she is a talent

  4. Even if it is from the Bible , We Live In A Free Country and anyone can
    choose whatever religion they want . So why is Marriage based on a book
    that comes from Christianity , There are all of more religions than that .

  5. Bitch you need to stop hating on mother monster like, just kuz yo life is
    full bull shit dont mean you gotta spread it -.-

  6. so glad to know that gay marriage is a reality in Washington!!!! i like to
    think Gaga’s support made a big difference!

  7. I love Obama, but when there’s another president, It should be Lady GaGa!
    Lol. DAMN SHE’S GOOD! GaGa for President!!!! She totally kicks ass!

  8. So quick to judge just like most Christians if you read the bible you would
    know that Referring to Lucifer as a God might not land you in the good
    graces of the man upstairs…just saying.

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