2 Comments on “Lady Gaga Speaks At Gay Rights Rally In Washington_ DC”

  1. @TheAdar9 You know, if God created humanity, he also created gays, as well
    as heterosexuals, bisexuals, and lesbians. Besides, it’s not a choice to be
    gay or not. You are born gay, born bisexual, born straight. You cannot
    change it. Are you unable to be tolerant towards people?

  2. Come on people stop being gay and just be striaght damn okay you can be gay
    whatever but motherfucking guys dont have to speek in the gind for girly
    ass voice. Girls dont have to have a appear as guys is free and gays do
    deserve rights.But you guys dont have to be this pubilc.about shit Adam and
    Eve not adam steve but you guys do have rights sorry to say and buy the way
    lady gaga god and gays dont go toghter in the same sentence

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