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  1. I am a Christian, studying to be a preacher, and I have not been so
    offended and ashamed by a group of (supposed) Christians in my entire life!

  2. Seriously how hard is it to treat other people simply as people first? Why
    do people always look at gender, religion, race, nationality, and sexuality
    first and then turn around and preach about how the world is a fucked up
    place? Loving another PERSON is a human right. If you wanna take that away
    from someone you’re a piece of shit and I’d never break bread at a table
    with you because you’d turn my stomach.

  3. Regardless of your moral values on sexuality, why shouldn’t homosexuals be
    allowed to be who they are? Laws are created to protect the safety and
    rights of all citizens. Does being homosexual endanger others? Does it
    deprive them of their equal opportunity? One of the fundamental principles
    of the law is that no individual has the authority to deprive someone of
    their rights unless in accordance with the law. So what law is
    anti-homosexuality in accordance with? If your opinion or ideology
    contradicts this fact, stay silent because you are legally and
    constitutionally incorrect. This isn’t controversial one bit. The only
    reason that this issue even exists is because you want to defend a man-made
    god created by you selfish ancestors to exploit the ignorance of others for
    their own glory.

    Sure, you like to pretend that some of you are more loving than others.
    You talk about how you can’t generalize; that there are Roman Catholics,
    Puritans, Lutherans, Baptists, etc. This is childsplay, isn’t it? If
    there are so many denominations who interpret the Bible differently, and
    they all wholeheartedly believe that they are right, then they are all
    wrong, aren’t they? A god who truly exists would not allow these supposed
    prophets to write such ambiguous scripture and allow us to interpret it as
    we please. Don’t tell me that I don’t know how god works. I can retaliate
    with the identical statement towards you.

    You could even say that it is your freedom of speech to hate homosexuals
    and that the Church needs to be heard. Do you remember when religion used
    to dominate over government? Now, how does it feel to be the one asking
    them to be heard? Only during the primitive stages of civilization are
    religion and government a cooperative entity. We have evolved past
    attributing power to such fabrications. You are a minority that is no
    longer supported due to lack of relevance and you will only continue to
    diminish. You have no integrity anymore.

  4. That’s odd… even on a global level, the only people really adopting firm
    evangelical ideologies are among the planet’s most under-educated, ignorant
    and least developed. Funny how that works out. 

  5. That Priest is gay as f*ck! Yes, I think he is hidding his over the top
    gayness under his black robe, and sooner or later we will see footage of
    him and some other guy doing awful things to innocent vegetables.

  6. “They start of by touching each other’s genitals and smelling each other”
    That seems really tame. I guess the smelling part is a little kinky but I
    don’t think you can have sex properly without any sort of genital touching.
    Guy’s parents probably forgot to give him the talk. 

  7. gay ugandans should sue Scott Lively for damages… that fool needs to be
    held responsible for his hate, ignorance, slander and lies… 

  8. I hate people calling it marriage equality, when clearly it isn’t. Incest
    and polygamy aren’t legal, so how can you say this is equal? Besides this,
    how is it even equal to normal marriage. I say we should call it marriage
    fairness, not equality. It’s like saying men and women are equal in every
    way, when clearly they are not and should not be treated as such (not that
    they should be demoted for any reason, they are just different). Women have
    babies and go on maternity leave, and men do not. Women think differently
    than men. They should be paid equally to men, but they should also get the
    benefits of being a women. Are they the same as men, no, but they should
    have fair treatment as men do.

  9. If we were ment to be gay, why there are 2 sexes? From what I saw gay
    people are also mentaly different, do not missunderstand me. I do not
    really care if you are gay or black, I hate everyone. ;d ;d BUT THAT GUY
    in uganda ;:D:D:D:D:D Nazis ;d;d;d xD

  10. Pepe Julian Onziema is one of the best and brightest that has ever existed.
    He shows the restraint of Ghandi. As for Scott Lively, he needs medication
    for his fixation on LGBT people. The reason for his fixation? He is so gay
    it hurts. 

  11. Thats right the actions of Uganda are caused by American Christians. How
    bout you do a report of Christians murdered and killed over the world? 

  12. I know it sounds somewhat insensitive, but how do police officers go about
    arbitrarily arresting gay people? One of my better friends is gay and I
    knew him for over a year and I only found out when he built up the nerve to
    ask me out on a date. Do Ugandan police officers have some way to identify
    gay people by sight? Or do thy just incarcerate anyone that looks gay?
    Discrimination by Orientation is different than racial or gender
    discrimination in that there is no way to tell by looking at someone what
    if they are a ember of discriminated group. 10% of humans are gay
    consistently across all groups. Genetics must not play a direct role as a
    “gay gene” would be a massive evolutionary disadvantage and make
    reproducing much less likely. It would be logical to think that genetics
    would absolutely minimize the odds of any person being gay, 

  13. Oliver cries about the People HAVING guns, then cries about what government
    ALWAYS does when it is in TOTAL POWER. Can’t have it both ways; ass hat.

    How many dictatorships, wars, and Genocide have the ‘gun controlled’ world
    have compared to America in the past 238 years. The difference between the
    anarchy/totalitarian world and the FREE world.

  14. So much hate for Christians in these comments. It breaks my heart to know
    that the image people have of us is one of hate, as followers of a God who
    embodies the love that binds all humans. For anyone the church has harmed
    and left questioning their beliefs, I am sorry. There is a God who loves
    you, and doesn’t care about creed, sex, gender, affiliation or anything

  15. Sorry America. I don’t think legalizing gay marriage is the right thing to
    do in other countries. What is considered “right” for a certain era will
    undoubtedly change in the future. But that future is not here yet. So for
    the time being, let’s say it is fair to say, changing sex and gay marraige
    “are not natural” for now. I think people have the right to do what they
    want to themselves but changing the law is another matter. That being
    said, just because countries such as Uganda don’t approve of their
    behaviour doesn’t mean they should be punished like criminals.

    As for the future, who knows. If gay marraige and changing sex is
    acceptable in the future then I congradulate America for leading the
    movement and being progressive.

  16. If this guy was Muslim, the media would be all over this calling this guy a
    terrorist. Which he is. He’s a christian extremist.

  17. I’m quite sure that guy just heard about that “rwandan stuff” a few minutes
    before that conversation when some people were talking about it at a nearby

  18. “We do not do that”… Oh yeah, sure. As a kid, I once had to abandon going
    to a public bath for my swimming lessons because I was pretty disgusted and
    annoyed by the attempts of old poofs to try to “hit on me”. Seriously.
    These days I’d have called the cops on them, but back in the soviet era,
    these old dudes were also usually high-ranking communist party members of
    otherwise above the law.

  19. I wonder If there are any charges that can be brought against the Americans
    who go to other countries and instigate these kinds of human rights
    violations… I feel positive that this must fall under some kind of
    international law.

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