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  1. Well, you did not talk about his best argument – the medieval warm period
    and the “little ice age” happened a long time before industrialization.

  2. Exponential population growth, car production & use, and energy usage
    resulted in exponential carbon in the atmosphere throughout the last 100
    years: essentially ZERO, negative global warming.
    If you don’t understand this proof then you must be bad at logic and math.
    Look up and see what exponential means and how it works.
    See Dr. Don Easterbrook who, by the way, has 50 years of experience in
    science and is spot on with his prediction:

  3. Do these people think we have another Earth just sitting and waiting in
    case we fuck up this one? Their fucking ignorance hurts my brain.

  4. Climate change is real. The hoax is the government and silly liberals think
    it can be stopped by spending money and taxing the people of America and
    other countries. I don’t care if you spend every dollar from every country
    it will not stop it. Climate changed killed the dinosaurs. It is a natural
    cycle of the planet. THERE IS NO CURE . WAKE THE FUCK UP STUPID PEOPLE. Man
    cannot stop climate change. The polar ice is melting, and guess what they
    found under the ice. FUCKING COCONUT TREES. Do coconut trees grow on the
    WARM. Guess what its going to melt and get warm again. This is all bullshit
    lies from tree hugging nut cases. I burn oil for heat, I put 26 gallons of
    gas in my crewcab GMC Sierra 4×4. I cut trees down for wood to burn in my
    fireplace, and grill ribeyes on charcoal. Why? Because I can, this is still
    America and I am free to choose. If you green pussies want to drive a
    battery car, then do it and shut the fuck up. If you want to grill a ribeye
    on a solar grill, do it. Just leave everyone else alone. 

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  5. so about that canada pipeline…. either America accepts the pipeline and
    gets oil from a friendly nation, orrr America declines the pipeline, canada
    builds the pipeline to the west coast to ship to China, and we continue
    buying from unfriendly nations… hmm…

    what a tough choice…

  6. I love the Glenn Beck style leading questions you always put in the titles
    of these things:
    ‘Laughably Biased or Fair & Balanced?’
    ‘Tragedy Porn or Valid News?’
    ‘Brutal Kitten Rape or Harmless Fun?’

  7. The US politicians have their reason for supporting the Global warming hoax
    which supports chem trailing. The sun has gone in to hibernation & is
    cooling. In the next two years we should see the results of this.
    Apparently, chem trailing (poisoning the air), fluoridating the water &
    permitting poison fillers in food sold in the grocery stores is slow but
    very effective at reducing all life (i.e. trees, plants, bushes, fish,
    birds, animals, humans) on earth. The US & Australia are currently planning
    to add a new GMO vaccine to the chem trailing which will be “good &
    healthy” for all humans. Will it be true medicine good for humans & all
    life affected by chem trailing or something that will kill everything very
    fast? I once believed Geo-engineering was a short-sighted attempt at curing
    the ills of global warming while destroying the ecosystem. What I have come
    to realize is that it is evidently an intentional mercy killing of all
    living things on this planet. Why are the Elite intentionally sterilizing
    earth to a point of uninhabitability? After much research, I believe it has
    to do with madness of the NWO psychopaths & their quotas & disasterous
    occurences which will happen to earth (i.e. world-wide food shortages,
    starvation) which will occur as a direct result of chem trailing. It may
    seem unbelievable but with 500 years of advanced technology at their hands,
    the Elite & their quota of life will leave the planet, never to return.
    They have filled all their quotas of life & the rest of life, which they
    see as a threat to themselves, will be destroyed in the not to distant
    future. They don’t want to leave any witnesses to their mass genocide &
    that is what our politicians & Obama are supporting.

  8. I hate these psycho. They are balancing “Oh, we can destroy the world to
    make money with oil and fracking, or can we can make affordable alternate
    energies and save the world…. Lets go with money.”
    Whenever they have discourse about the “economy”, “Improve the economy”
    They have absolutely no interest in letting the common American citizen
    gain monetary wealth and power. NONE. They fuck over worker rights, write
    legislation forcing you to buy through a dozen middle men and force the
    cost of living through the roof. Corporate America has more money now than
    they have ever needed in history, yet it continues to cost us more and more
    when they continue to make more and more.
    They are saying it directly to our face. Their WANT of more money is more
    important than all of our futures. And people blindly except that.

  9. What a bunch of pompous shits….more evidence that the right-wing just
    doesn’t accept science, when over 95% of the world’s scientists agree that
    mans actions are causing climate change I’ll go with them, and leave the
    nay-sayers at Fox to sit in a circle as they take it in turns to read the
    chicken bones……morons.

  10. It’s the sun stupid, other planets in our solar system are mirroring the
    changes happening on Earth, and the only ‘normal’ when it comes to climate
    is ‘change’ itself. All the same dire predictions were made by the same
    kind of scammers 30-40 years ago and none have ever come true, New York is
    still above water. Stop letting yourselves be duped by rich lib hypocrites
    in private jets, yachts, and limos who want more of your money and freedom.

  11. How could humans change the weather when they can’t even predict the
    weather more than a few days out locally?

  12. How can right-wingers say that climate change is a hoax invented by the
    democrats when nobody in the democratic party seems to be interested in
    doing anything about it? What kind of weak-ass conspiracy theory is that?

  13. “Destroy the whole fucking planet? Are these people kiddin’ me?!” – George
    Carlin, a wise man. The planet will be fine. It’s us who will be fucked,
    don’t go to the “destroy the planet” route. We’re interested in our own
    living standards, nothing more. (and if it’s more, you’re plain delusional)

  14. I love the argument that global warming is a “rich men’s issue”, the US is
    the RICHEST country on Earth, if America doesn’t do something about it who
    will then? fucking Pakistan?

  15. I hope that people remember all these pundits names, so that, if they’re
    still alive by the time the Earth is fucked up beyond salvation, they are
    hunted down by the remnants of a post-apocalyptic hunter-gatherer

  16. TURNS OUT. The data does NOT support global warming at the rate
    pro-environmental people stated. The amplifiers are not amplifying.
    Instead dampeners are lessening the rate of change.

  17. Global warming, man made? NOPE. Cycles are always happening – there is also
    evidence that we are heading for a new ice age.

  18. The whole climate debate is laughably biased in favor of climate change
    hysterics with their “consensus.” The Earths climate has always fluctuated
    & has resulted in the extinction of countless species since life began on
    the planet. Man will be no different. The climate will continue to rise &
    fall far beyond our passing.

  19. Cenk that’s not “totally and utterly untrue”. It’s half right. Many
    climatologist believers have been scrambling to explain why the rise in
    temperatures has fallen so remarkably short of their predictions.

    In fact, it would probably be too much to call these people “scientists”
    because when you have to make up theories to support your previous theory
    which turns out to be inaccurate, that’s called a confirmation bias. And
    that’s exactly what these climatologists are doing by dogmatically adhering
    to their old global warming theories despite the evidence that they could
    in fact be wrong.

  20. “destroy the whole planet” “die in the long run”, yeah Cenk that’s really
    scientifically literate of you. This is why I hate this debate, either one
    has to agree with the crazy republicans who care nothing but capitalism and
    robber baron politics or one has to side with these Malthusianists who
    still dwell in this idiocy about how the planet is fried and destroyed
    unless we adopt their miracle proposals (that when you actually make the
    maths don’t do much at all).

    Oil companies vs Paul Erlich stuff? Is this the limit of any sensible
    conversation Cenk? Are you really unable to understand the climate and the
    “control” we have over it is way more complex and nitty gritty stuff than
    you can possibly imagine?

  21. Future generations will look back at this one and say, “What a bunch of
    ignorant assholes.” And they’ll be right.

  22. The icecaps/glaciers could all melt, sea levels rise, ridiculously high
    climate temperatures, category 5 hurricanes hitting the US and these idiots
    will still be denying or questioning the existence of global
    warming/climate change. [See Day After Tomorrow]

  23. Thank you Cenk for being you. I don’t know what I’d do if you weren’t
    around to set these Fox “News” idiots straight!

  24. Here’s the funny thing about George Will: in a sane world, I’d dismiss him
    as a lunatic. But in *this* world, in today’s America, I listen to him
    carefully, because he’s just about the most sane conservative I can find…
    about one time in five he says something that, with some assistance and
    touching up, is actually a reasonable point worthy of paying attention to.
    Will’s “Climate changes all the time” is about as sane as finding a corpse
    face up on the sidewalk, with a big knife sticking out of its chest, and
    saying “Well, people get skin cuts all the time.” What we’re doing to the
    climate is a wee bit more than a skin cut – it’s a knife through the heart.
    And although it’s true that skin cuts happen by accident all the time, this
    knife-through-the-heart skin cut was a human deed that didn’t need to
    happen and could’ve been avoided if a human being had chosen otherwise.
    But what Will said here about the economics is correct – after you make it
    sane by removing his silly clause that the objective must be “… to have
    zero discernible effect on the environment”. The goal isn’t to make global
    warming vanish. The goal is to act so that its impact on the human race,
    *ALL* things considered, is as small as possible. Will is correct that it
    would be a mistake to cause the global economy to collapse in order to make
    our CO2 emissions 0. But it would also be a mistake to do nothing, as the
    eventual costs of global warming would eventually become exorbitant. And
    the reality is this: the human race WILL eventually be forced to spend to
    cut our CO2 emissions, and the total cost then of both the cuts and the
    impacts of global warming will be worse the longer we wait. It’s a
    pay-me-now, or pay-me-MUCH-more-later situation – and in such a situation,
    the rational choice is always to pay the smaller amount starting NOW. So,
    with a little cleaning up, what Will is driving at is ultimately the
    correct question. The genuine grown-up rational question here is deciding
    how much we start paying now. We don’t want the porridge too hot or too
    cold – we want it just right, so that the total burden of global warming’s
    impact on the human race is minimized.

  25. Like good welfare queens they are, the left think that everything that the
    government does costs no money. Everyone on the idiotic left just looks at
    the cost of the potential warming, but they don’t look at.

    (a) The benefits of global warming such as increased worldwide agriculture
    production, and
    (b) the cost of mitigation versus the cheaper cost of simple adaptation,
    (c) the fact that the amount of total warming that was predicted was
    grossly overestimated.
    (d) Peak oil production was reached 15 years ago and now is on a steady and
    slow decline. Fossil fuels will likely be limited to coal and natural gas
    within 20 years as the cost of fossil fuel energy goes above the cost of

    So, even if there is a fossil fuel problem, our time with them as the
    primary provider of energy does not have long to go, at least in the United
    States. Trying to strongarm the free market is pointless given all of
    these things, it will only put extra unnecessary strain on the economy.

  26. love it how the US is the entire earth… While the US was getting show
    Australia was getting plus 120 degree record heat. 

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