31 Comments on “Lawmaker: Russia Will Arrest Gay Olympic Athletes & Tourists Fracking Protests Get Real”

  1. The local lawmaker does not have jurisdiction required to do so. This
    isn’t going anywhere unless Putin gives the order.

  2. So the olympics are almost upon us. And not a single country is boycotting
    it. Just like they didn’t in ’36 in Nazi Germany. And in a few years
    everyone will point the finger, saying we should have boycotted it. Just
    like then. And nothing will be learnt. Again.

  3. Don’t presume to patronise me,please.Homosexual males are perfectly
    ‘functional at creating a baby’.You’re making the assumption that because a
    gay male,by virtue of his sexuality,would never engage in sex with female
    for the purpose of procreation.The implication being that he’s not truly
    gay.And maybe this issue is ‘worth less than the ash of a cigarette’ in
    comparason but it is STILL hugely important to many thousands of
    individuals,gay & straight.

  4. You dont need to talk to me whats going on Russia – i live next to this
    country. I dont honesty cant tell why are you telling me this twin tower
    story … Yeah gays getting beat up, because they are not quiet about it
    and thats a shameful and embarrassment to their country. And you werstern
    countrys are gone too soft with your human rights and the fact that you
    feel insulted by Russian actions proves that. Instead you should man up –
    not sure how much your kind of gay guy are able to

  5. They want to be their own nation. There are many factors at work here. 70
    years of forced atheism has lead to a religious explosion. For example, the
    brunette in T.A.T.U. and her husband converted to Islam because “it was the
    religion closest to their hearts” as they said. America on the other hand
    has had a full run at the trough in terms of religion. People aren’t
    interested in that nowadays, rather just fulfilling animalistic instinctive
    desire, getting money, using drugs, cheating, etc.

  6. God only likes people who believe in him. Haven’t you even read the Bible?
    So God indeed only likes certain people. And according to all the Major
    faiths out there God only likes people of that particular religion.

  7. *They- orthodox and Putin are pushing For example the military academies
    now have churches right next to them and they are expected to go into the
    churches after they have done training.

  8. Well, you being a homosexual would never accept that there was anything
    wrong with homosexuality. That is understandable. Homosexuality aside, the
    issue is sexuality itself. People are hitting sexuality like it’s a crack
    pipe. It’s not a drug. It’s the most powerful force humans have. It can
    create another human, which is the most technologically advanced machine we
    have. Russia, after forced atheism is now very religious, now we see
    religious issues at the forefront, never happens here at all.

  9. No, I don’t think you understood me but I knew you probably wouldn’t, I
    even said as much in my previous comment. You will have to elaborate on “I
    give you a second change to issue the argument I presented” it makes
    absolutely no sense

  10. Yes I do think Putin will care, money is about the only thing he does care

  11. Russia only gets these events due to the big back handers paid to Olympic
    officials and people like seb blatter at FIFA. Roman Abromavich was all
    friendly with the FIFA delegates and he’s the most corrupt guy ever

  12. Well John, I don’t know what to say. I will always continue with contumacy
    that I do not agree with the homosexual act. There is no point in bashing
    you over the head with that point repeatedly. Nevertheless I am glad you
    understand and comprehend that the oral acts of sex and anal acts are
    repulsive. That is rabid and instinctive lust, desire that is like gasoline
    on the flames, then one day the passion dies but burned ruins. Homosexuals
    and heteros alike need to learn about lust, a great sin.

  13. I guess rest of the athletes has higher changes to get a gold medal – i
    think that is a good thing xD

  14. i was beginning to like russia for being an advocate on progressive
    movements when they gave snowden asylum but now i’m not sure.

  15. America is a reflection of our minds. Our minds are degenerated and selfish
    and so is America. America just is a vehicle for Americans. Big army to get
    what they want. System set up to make Americans feel good. Obama will do
    whatever for the votes and power, and being liberal is the way to get
    votes. Honesty is a vice for politicians. Obama could truly detest
    homosexual behavior and no one would even know it. He doesn’t care about
    that, people like to think he does. That’s how it works.

  16. Well you’re mean… Finna Joan I enjoyed Russian basketball last olympics,
    will be fun, Ovechkin, Datsyk, Malkin If only politics will stay out of
    sports… Sochi is a very pretty city, and thats lame to boycott once
    again. I hope this law will be gone, and gay marriage to be legalized, but
    what will the next boycott be for if St Petersburg hosts, as well as the
    world cup? What about Brazil, they will host both events too?

  17. If a gay person or a lesbian even kisses or holds hands with their partner,
    they can be arrested. Because that’s included in the “propaganda of
    nontraditional sexual relations” law.

  18. Speak with facts. Your one “soldier” for your cause only cited things that
    aren’t even true. Do you think it’s true that gays have lower STI’s than
    heterosexuals? No? Then represent yourself, because that is the type of
    representation you are getting here. I can act as cocky as I want when the
    only person who is trying on your side of the case doesn’t even have basic
    facts lined up.

  19. About 10% of all humans turn out gay, regardless. So good luck trying to
    keep gays non-existent.

  20. If a tourist is caught kissing his or her gay or lesbian partner (or even
    holding hands with them) during the olympics, you’re telling me they won’t
    arrest them? Yeah right.

  21. Well now we are just whoring out our intelligence. Nothing of substance is
    being said here.

  22. Hmm, am not sure if you understood my point, but anyway… If you
    understood my point, then show me that you did. You seem to just rant here
    and not talking about the argument, but I give you a second change to issue
    the argument I presented. with all love.. 🙂

  23. Plenty of straight athletes and people will also boycott the games. Moron.
    It’s a human rights violation.

  24. If a person kisses his or her gay or lesbian partner (or even holds hands
    with them), that can and will be deemed a violation of the law. Moron.

  25. You are right. What happened to the morals of this generation, because
    there are barely any. No morals, and no ethics, which are both two
    different things. Morals are related to time. There was a time when slavery
    was moral. Nowadays it is immoral to speak against homosexuality.
    Meanwhile, it is ethical to speak against the homosexual act, because it is
    filthy to place your penis in another man’s rectum. It is normal to place
    your penis in your wife’s vagina. That is ethics vs morals. Ethics win

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