4 Comments on “Let’s talk about Gay Rights!”

  1. You can’t just “turn” someone gay and you can choose to be gay. There’s no
    such thing as a group trying to make people gay.

  2. We are kind of with you on some of this this – in most of Europe being gay
    is a non issue for many consequently asserting sexuality for most would
    be like pushing at an open door – in USA it seams opinion is more
    polarized – when you think about it the gender preference of other people
    is of no interest unless your looking to pull

    Here in UK state benefits follow the child not the couple which addresses
    an issue you raised – we have never met a gay who said their sexual
    preference was a conscious choice – kinda daft to think what fills your
    dreams and makes your heart race emotionally can be that contrived – most
    folk have a mix of friends that share their common interests and their
    unique differences Hugs T & M

  3. nice video dude really deep stuff. Dude idk that we had a gay person in
    ghettoview was that Daniel

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