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  1. Continued 2 The fact that you dont understand the very structure and
    function of your body speaks of your lack of intellegence. Even worse you
    are willing to attribute credibility to the explanation from the gay memes
    idiology, for no logical reson. The APA was lobbied by a gay jew called
    Kameny, not through scientific evidence. Indeed Kinsey a high ranking gay
    neurologist, provided evidence later in the 90s which is considered
    incredibly stupid and wrong today (and even by standards back then)

  2. ‘homophobe’ is a signifier which she and most others in the west use to
    refer to an individual who expresses an irrational resistance to
    non-heteronormative sexual identities. it’s suffix ‘phobe’ is linked to
    that irrationality. you used the term in your post yourself. clearly it
    exists. there are only two sexes according to science, speaking narrowly.
    gender is a social construct, not a scientific fact. a woman does not wear
    a dress because of her biology, it is a cultural trope, as is gender.

  3. no, by signifier i refer to one half of the dyadic model of the sign, as it
    is defined by saussure and as it is understood in semiological terms. the
    word is a signifier which is commonly understood in our language to signify
    a particular cultural concept. it is true that the suffix phobia signifies
    an irrational fear, and that there is no rational basis for homophobia
    gender has a basis in physical sex, but is a construct. we all defy our
    evolutionary purpose everyday. you lack compassion.

  4. homosexuality is a culturally universal, historically documented,
    scientifically studied phenomenon. when i say culturally universal… it is
    historically documented as having been an accepted practice in classical
    greece, in traditional samurai culture (see nanshoku), in the native
    american tradition (see two-spirit), in native african (particularly
    egyptian) culture, in the cut sleeve culture of ancient china. and in every
    society you can conceive of. i will continue…

  5. Continued 4 (theres another comment before this one) This led me to this
    conclusion: The law bares no resemblance to its original form / function,
    within the meaning of words themselves. In short, they have manipulated
    language to manipulate us. This is due to authoritarianism, lack of self
    dicipline. Example: the word ‘Must’ is synonymus with ‘May’ in law. But how
    often have you seen a sign or something saying you Must, carry a train
    ticket? >logic isn’t something one does. Illogical.

  6. By signifier you mean propaganda with no scientific evidence behind it.
    >irrational Branding people irrational does not make it true. >it is a
    cultural trope, as is gender. Nope, gender is based on sex. Your saying
    that the person can change this as they please, but this goes against the
    purpose of their body. It is a meme, a mental derrangment of their
    evolutionary purpose, spread by the emotionaly unstable who had their
    sexual identity challanged, have lusts which create operant conditioning.

  7. semiology is a linguistic theory used by academics to better understand the
    functions and processes of communicative methods. your ignorance is not an
    argument against its validity. i don’t need to change the definition, it
    already exists. all language shapes society, this is inherent. gender is a
    human concept which does not exist physically. our conception of gender may
    be influenced by our sex, but it is a cultural interpretation of these
    physical characteristics, and is thus constructed.

  8. Uses term: homophobe which doesnt exist. I suppose an athiest must be a
    christophobe. Judges the whole world by other peoples perceptions and if
    they can make their friends accept it, it must be ok. Right? >Gender
    expression Theres only 2 genders according to science. Stop trying to
    rewriting history. >Pressure on women to fit certain moulds Gayness is a
    meme. Gender is not. Its physical. You say you feel pressure yet you also
    say you come out to everyone all the time. This spreads the meme.

  9. The title is: Letting Go of the Stories We Create for Ourselves But gayness
    is the only story here. Lets not forget that it is a two way street, gays
    become straight. It is not natural it is entirly psychological. And just
    like a fictional story, it fights to replace the truth, to talk over it, to
    ignore it, to brand all those who do not accept its ideology as phobic.
    Just because mistaken ideologies are repulsive to them These people dont
    have any scientific credibility, and they never did.

  10. dictionaries are distributed by companies… they are collated by academics
    and researchers who are peer reviewed, who are trained in their field, and
    who are trained linguists. you say a dictionary is not a credible source…
    then why are you writing any words at all? aren’t all of them as
    meaningless and as wily? i present the evidence that exists, people will
    believe what they choose to. logic isn’t something one does. logic is the
    concept your brain is starved of.

  11. >we all defy our evolutionary purpose everyday. Broad generalisation But
    yes, many people do defy evolution. I wouldnt trust you to pick out what
    these are accuratly, but they do exist. It is these people who create the
    discord in society. They are sociopaths and psychopaths. Which is what
    gayness is. They want to be successfull, but they cannot be, because they
    have changed their nature to that of an artificial environment. >you lack
    compassion. I do not put it before understanding. Do you?

  12. …You wanna know the truth? Then i’ll explain it to you. Theres a movment
    called freeman on the land. They do legal research to try and improve their
    rights. One method they use is comparing legal words of modern laws to old
    legal dictionaries and new ones. As you might expect, this breaks the laws
    down. Sometimes aiding understanding, but most of the time you realise,
    that the new dictionaries just solidify the mostly deliberate
    missinterpretations by judges & new laws due to authoritrianism.

  13. i am a vegetarian, i defy my evolutionary predisposition to be omnivorous.
    i defy the evolutionary purpose of body hair by shaving or waxing. i can
    defy a detrimental evolutionary mutation by wearing glasses to correct my
    vision. the APA declassified homosexuality as a psychological disorder in
    1973… sexual fluidity is widely considered a positive aspect of human
    sexuality, and is observable in many other species. no evidence supports
    your assertions. i put compassion before all things.

  14. Part 2: And then comes self-righteous anger ego-tripping to make people
    attack each other in word or action, to force people to behave one way or
    the other, & to punish those who have an opinion other than one’s own. I
    rarely think about gender at all, & sexual orientation while sometimes
    noticable, is no issue to interupt my inner peace over. (Continued)

  15. the fact that you misspelled intelligence speaks of yours… kinsey was not
    gay… he was famously bisexual, or rather believed in a spectrum of human
    sexuality which was fluid and changeable. kinsey’s research methods were
    questioned, yes. gold star. i didn’t bring up kinsey. but there is no
    current evidence, or evidence pending, by any respected psychological or
    psychiatric institution, which suggest that homosexuality is intrinsically
    pathological or somehow evidence of mental instability.

  16. >semiology is a widely taught and respected academic field. Your mistaking
    linguistics for science, it cant be used here, and i dont care how many
    tart sophist academics you have. It does not mean you can start to belive
    the lies we tell ourselves, just because it is a language. You need to
    learn to evaluate credibility of evidence. >definition that is commonly
    accepted So is ‘american’ brand english, and legalise. Aquiescence proves
    nothing. Continued 3

  17. She looks like my roommate if my roommate would eat more and tan a little.
    That roommate is also a friends wife…I cannot fap to this. And that is

  18. the evidence of semiological study, and cultural anthropology, bears a lot
    on this argument. and it is evidence, phenomenologically investigate,
    statistically evaluated evidence. but you overlook the fact that there is
    no scientific evidence to support your argument. and there is to support
    mine. in both the broader fields i have mentioned, and in evolutionary
    science, in biology and psychology. you are questioning that word
    homophobe… it is defined. like all the other words you are using

  19. Continued 3 Dictionaries are made by companies and are not actually a
    credible source. >incoherent, offensive, hateful, and poorly written. But
    is it true? Even if i dont like it, if its adheres to the criteria of
    credibility, i accept it. The things you say, just arnt credible. Their
    picked and chosen to support your idiological bias. In science this is
    called creating the conclusion and then looking for evidence to only
    justify it. Spelling isnt logic. You cant do logic to save your life.

  20. semiology is a widely taught and respected academic field. modern theories
    of semiotics are indispensable to areas of study as disparate as
    linguistics, cultural anthropology, and psychology. the definition that is
    commonly accepted in our culture, which is dictionary defined, which is
    understood by the general populace. the things you say are incoherent,
    offensive, hateful, and poorly written. i engage them only in case a young
    person sees them unchallenged. you can’t even spell reasons…

  21. >i am a vegetarian, i defy my evolutionary predisposition to be omnivorous.
    You are unhealthy, weak, you could not defend yourself. Well done. >i defy
    the evolutionary purpose of body hair by shaving or waxing. Your attempt to
    follow societies memes of attractiveness is a traidoff. >detrimental
    evolutionary mutation That is not a mutation. Your body is not capable of
    better vision, so your mind has tried to correct this to increase your
    chances of survival. Continued.

  22. the only replacement of truth here is the decimation and defamation of a
    human heritage of fluid sexuality by the heteronormative, phallocentric
    ideologies prevalent in western culture, and elsewhere, in contemporary
    society. so if you came to this video looking for help… you do have a
    heritage, you do have dignity, and you just need to keep learning to see
    that. this idiot is filled with hate… i wish a world of vengeance on him,
    that he would hurt a single youngster looking for some help

  23. Part 3: I feel no pressure to fight anyone or anything,but when I see
    genderism discrimination, I speak up with a peaceable attitude. Genderism
    (men’s groups/women’s groups) divides the planet almost in half. John
    Lennon got it right, as did the apostle Paul. All you need is love(God is

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