27 Comments on “LiberalViewer Sunday Clip Round-Up 4: Ayanbadejo, Warren Buffett, Jeremy Scahill, Jason Chaffetz”

  1. As a Bears fan, I’ve heard his name said hundreds of times. 1st, hes not
    Hispanic, in any way. 2nd, he pronounces it “Ayen-bedey-zho”. How can you
    not know that? LOL =P

  2. Have you ever made a video on climate change- if not what do you think of
    it- sorry, I clutter the comments section, it’s a habit

  3. I am well aware what quote mining is, and if LV’s point had been to be
    “this guy is stupid, he doesn’t know that there are 3 branches of
    government” I’d agree that this was a bit of nasty quote mining. But that
    wasn’t his point. So, yes, you did miss the point.

  4. If the president took a drink during of water during a normal press
    conference I thiink that would be totally okay. It might even make him seem
    less scripted.

  5. It’s a pity we don’t have more of these wise old men, the kinds of Warren
    Buffet. We need people with experience and years, rather than the
    30-year-old pinstriped money wizards that are running the world these days.

  6. U.S already has a 0% interest rate. It’s hard to keep growing after a very
    out of time economic boost (in the 90’s).

  7. If he is properly hydrating, as his doctor ought to be ensuring, there
    would be no reason for him to need a drink during a press conference.

  8. It’s always nice to hear your narration on your video and even better to
    see the face that goes with the voice 🙂

  9. LV do you really not know that “j” in Spanish is pronounced like our “h”?
    How can you not know that? LOL =D

  10. As a former high school football captain, the place where you will find the
    least social rules are in football locker rooms, players do some very gay
    stuff and nobody thinks of it as anything but hilarious.

  11. If the pro-gun marched planned by Adam Kokesh goes a head how many people
    do think will be shoot in cross fire ?

  12. SmackontheWeb, much of it is from IT and the financial sectors, those don’t
    create many jobs… U.S is a service economy now…

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