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  1. Amazing. Very touching. As a heterosexual who supports gay rights, I salute

  2. This is making me cry. Thank you so much for doing it, this is beautiful
    and – just wow. I believe more people should watch this video. People
    should just stop being so intolerant and accept and respect other people’s
    feelings and sexual orientation. Just wow, I’m here in tears and shivering.
    Emotional and wonderfully put together.

  3. this is incredible mich! i feel like we should all upload it on our
    channels or something to make more awareness. this literally brought me to
    tears! it is so moving, and beautiful<3 good job!

  4. This is beautiful, I’m actually crying. I have really strong views about
    gay rights but I never knew how bad it was in America (i’m British).

  5. I agree with so many of these comments. This video was incredibly beautiful
    and moving. It really shows a lot of the issues and battles that the
    homosexual community has gone through throughout the years. It is sad and
    horrifying and beautiful and uplifting and I am in tears. Thank for this

  6. I want you to know by the end of this I was smiling and crying (*srs tears
    in my eyes right now) This is hands down the most beautiful video to ever
    grace the pages of youtube. You took vidding to a whole new level, and
    brought a real issue into this light. All of the voiceovers and clips
    compiled in the way you did was genius because it was like telling a story.
    The ending was so inspiring, with the “it gets better” I have no words to
    describe how simply amazing and awe inspiring this is. But

  7. Congratulations on making such a poignant and amazing video. People need to
    be constantly reminded how predudice of any kind ruins peoples lives and
    even causes death as stated in your video! I salute you for making this
    powerful video and making us all think once again about just how cruel
    people can be. I am so glad you have had so much support and so many good
    responses as it just shows that there are a lot of people out there who do
    actually care and want change which gives us hope!!!! <333

  8. Wonderful video! Hate is never okay or the answer. People need to learn
    tolerance and acceptance. It is sad that children cannot go to school and
    receive an education without having to fear for their safety simply because
    of their sexual orientation. People need to wake up. This perpetual
    blindness is only causing more harm.

  9. This was – for lack of a better word – beautiful. And for you, a straight
    person, to have been the one to make it makes it even more beautiful.
    Really, thank you so much for this.

  10. This was so beautiful and it makes me sad that people are discriminated
    against,killed or kill themselves because society teaches them to hate
    themselves;thanks for spreading love, not hate.

  11. @SilverEyedRukia The first song is the last hosue on the left and then it
    leads into The Vision *cheers*

  12. Wow that was amazing! I’m straight too but I got some gay friends and I
    totally agree with this video, you’ve done such a great job! Gonna share it
    on my Facebook

  13. this was so great and touching. in Finland, where I live, gay marriges are
    still not legal and it’s just sad. and to see so much hate and
    narrow-minded people is crushing. but i guess there’s hope – one of my
    country’s president candidates is gay and he was on the second place in the
    latest polls!

  14. This was just beautiful and so moving! I believe it’s a choice, one person
    at a time, to decide how we treat each other. To decide what we will except
    as a society and what we will not. I can say as the mother of a young
    child, my son will be and is raised to have all for all! We Are All Just

  15. Thank you for making this. I’m bisexual, and this is just fucking stupid
    how people are still freaking out about two genders liking each other.

  16. This is exactly the type of video and message that needs to be playing in
    schools, that we should be teaching our children and teenagers and even
    adults. Sexuality is not a choice, but hate is. I don’t know how people who
    hate, torture and bully others can think they’re better people than those
    who stand up and are proud and honest with the world about something they
    cannot control. We are all of the same species, we should be helping and
    supporting each other, and this video is exactly why.

  17. I am literally sharing this video everywhere I can. Please everyone do the
    same – videos like this should be youtube hits!

  18. oh wow i am gonna forever post this around everywhere… thanks so much for
    uploading it its amazing…my BFF is gay and he has such a hard time about
    it and he doesnt deserve it no one deserves it..you should be allowed to
    love whoever you want to love no one has the right to dictate that to u

  19. everything in the old testament is crap are you going to tell me that dolph
    lungren in his prime and with an iq of 160 is not better than a 5’7″
    everyman, when dolph lungren is stronger smarter has a better body, a
    better mind, and a sharp personality, he’s better. people are not equal go
    fuck yourself

  20. That was lovely. Beautiful. It’s sad when hate is the norm and love is the
    thing that’s shamed upon. I’m sad for the people who grew up believing love
    is only man/woman. It shows they weren’t educated and brought to see all
    sides to one story. What the United States needs to work on is THIS
    epidemic crisis and not Megaupload where that’s the important debate. Life
    and death come with what gay people have to deal with. The United States,
    we have some messed up priorities right now. Great job.

  21. you made me cry 🙁 Such a powerful message. I cannot & will not tolerate
    any kind of discrimination. We have to stop allowing this to happen.

  22. I have goosebumbs, Michelle. Goosebumbs! Its so amazing to see someone that
    i admire so much as you making something like this and raising a voice!

  23. I pity those who do such things and I hope future generations will be wise
    and kind enough to ban homophobia complete and embrace everyone for who
    they are. Thank you so much for making this, I will show it to as many
    people as I can. Humankind thanks you, you have a wonderful heart <3

  24. I love you for making this. It’s so nice to for once see a video like this
    on youtube – one with an important message. I actually did a speech about
    gay rights in front of my class like a week ago.

  25. Yeah, that just made me cry. I can’t believe how quickly you made this
    video and how POWERFUL it is. You just showed why video editing is truly
    beautiful, especially if it’s used to convey something important like this.
    It’s unbelievable that a progressive nation like the US still basically has
    anti-gay laws. I JUST DO NOT GET IT. Amazing video, you should be proud of
    this <3

  26. This is incredible, Mish. I have goosebumps. You managed to capture the
    constant struggle, pain and heartache that so many have suffered (and are
    still suffering) through. This video is such a maginificent ray of hope in
    the darkness — that there are those who will not stand for hatred,
    discrimination and intolerance. I am so proud to know you, and to see this
    video spread such a beautiful message. You are not alone, you are better
    than those that strive to bring you down, and you are loved.

  27. SERIOUSLY?!?! How does someone dislike this? You dislike that people should
    be treated equal and free??? wtf?

  28. Such a beautiful and moving video! It made me feel really emotional and I
    totally agree with you. It shouldn’t matter who you’re attracted to. I’ll
    never understand all the hatred.

  29. Michelle, this is so fucking incredible! I am crying everywhere right now.
    We’ve all witnessed the great power the internet beholds to liberate those
    who are penalised and marginalised within society and it’s videos like this
    that really have the ability to do so too. This was so incredibly moving
    and the combination and juxtaposition of audio and video was so intense and
    powerful and the message just couldn’t have been any clearer.

  30. Aw this was nice. I love your use of Skins & G.lee in this too – and I
    don’t know the show bue B.uffy too haha. The video wasn’t mainly about
    those moments but they were nice. I also loved seeing the two TVD actors
    participating in the “It Gets Better” campaign. It was a nice mixing of
    fandoms into this powerful vid that anyone should be able to appreciate. 😀

  31. Wow. I am in tears right now. I have so many friends who are gay or bi and
    the fact that they cannot express their love the way us “normal” people can
    is ABSURD. EVERYONE is normal, EVERYONE is beautiful, EVERYONE deserves the
    right to love and be loved. This video was incredible and touching and you
    just helped to make the world a better place in 2:56 minutes. <3 Thank you.

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