18 Comments on “Lincoln, NE passes gay rights law 5-0; YouTube celebrity Jane Svoboda not amused, urges counseling”

  1. Adam Hornung is a lil B. What a frickin clown and embarrassment to lawyers

  2. ‘even in the grave, my mother did not have a diagnosis’ hey jane im not a
    doctor, but im gonna take a shot at this, you can officially diagnosis her
    as f*cking DEAD.

  3. This was fantastic to watch play out. Thanks again for uploading these
    segments and letting the world beyond Lincoln, NE, follow this so up close.

  4. OK. That kind of exemption is usually included to begin with, so it struck
    me that they might be going beyond the usual exemption and were creating
    something broader.

  5. I had a cold the other day, I think it might have come from the Germ Factory

  6. it exempted religious organizations from having to pay attention to the
    LGBT protection ordinance…

  7. Who handed the mike to Jane? This was just a joke they were playing on Jane

  8. I don’t know whether to be mad or sorry for the lady. Just evidence of what
    brainwashing does to you. And then they say religion is not a source of the
    world’s problems.

  9. “Dear Mr. President, there are too many states these days. Please remove
    three. I am not a kook”

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