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  1. The “pretend” parents argument was ridiculous. I know of real parents who
    should never have been allowed to raise children.

  2. This creature is so at odds with reason as to be breathtaking and “wicked,”
    as she likes to put it. “It’s going to cause trouble with these children.”
    Really? You KNOW this is going to happen? “If it’s not documented it’s not
    bloody true, is it?” – she challenges. “I reject all those arguments.” Wow!
    It’s: I know what’s true, irrespective of reality. The only way to
    understand this person is to convert her speech to its right language: the
    clucking of a chicken. Then it makes sense!

  3. what hurts children is listening to hate. Stupid old bitch, your ignorance
    will be laughed at in the near future. 

  4. Well today i learned that sticking my schlong in and deciding not to pull
    out is more valuable to society than actually loving and caring for them.
    This is a revelation. I feel much less guilty locking them both in the shed
    so I can watch match of the day undisturbed.

  5. You can see the crazy without even listening to this creature. She starts
    talking about “nature” without realizing that homosexuality is found in a
    number of different species. Got to about 1:00 couldn’t get any further!

  6. You do not owe your parents a thing. Every parents give rise to their child
    because they are selfish, because they wants to have a chld, you can not do
    it fore the child. The child does not exist and because of that the child
    could never owe their parents a thing. 

  7. Agree with gees de Jung ” I would prefer 1000 more to have two fathers than
    this woman as a woman.” Her arguments are like borrowed from some kind of
    cheap soap opera. people like her exist with their tiny brains yet still
    shout the loudest!!

  8. She is the kind of person that probably would be a poisonous racist if it
    were the last century. Evil, evil BITCH!

  9. OMG! I LOVE and HATE this woman. I find what she said absolutely repulsing,
    but she said it in such a generously wicked way, that I can’t help but love
    the evil. I don’t know… it’s like watching a movie with a cool super

  10. So? I guess if a straight couple adopt a child, they’re pretend parents?
    It’s the same logic given the fact that they’re not the biological
    parents.. This woman shows her ignorance concerning the subject, she is
    obviously ignorant to that which she doesn’t understand. My children grew
    up fine, and they love me and my partner more than anything. They grew up
    very well in a loving home. They are pursuing their education and me and my
    partner are very proud of them. This woman is an idiot.

  11. no I am not trying to be confusing. After marriage became a word, and
    matrimony became a word, western cultures started using it. However, what
    we would see as marriages in ancient times, with different cultures
    worshiped deities that, in their religion and culture, supported. Also the
    word divorce for ending a marriage is not from Yahweh. As for documentation
    about marriage by pagans start by reading the book. Committed by Elizabeth

  12. I’m just going to stand up and piss everyone off and make this whole debate
    into a joke because I can, what an idiot

  13. I love how she admonishes the proponents for being so “sentimental” and
    saying that its “only about love” is laughable…Oh then what madam is your
    family founded upon? What cold hearted, totalitarian, dogmatic, ridgid, and
    strengent milk pours from that shriveled and knotted breast of yours? Your
    words are toxic and your attitude is clearly unfeeling and in a disscussion
    and debate of family where love is so centric to the success of all unions
    involved your icy deemenor belies your credibility

  14. Its her opinion. Let it be as such. She was talking about Children, Not
    Homosexuals specifically.

  15. I would also add, everything you just stated was based on an emotional
    response and not anything else. you tried to make it a “moral outrage” when
    nothing I said had anything to do with ones morality or behavior.

  16. Had read the transcript of this online some weeks ago but, having watched
    the recording, now know that words on a screen couldn’t begin to do justice
    to this shrieking, slurring, wild-eyed little tragedy of a performance. A
    complete own goal. I should think it unlikely that Burrows herself will be
    looking back on this one with much pride.

  17. It warms my heart to see that BOTH top comments just say how horrible this
    crusty old bag is and not only that but both of them managed to get more
    votes than the video itself!

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