21 Comments on “Madonna Sued in Russia for Supporting Gay Rights”

  1. LMFAO youre one of those fucking westboro baptist cultists… join me in
    hell u fool. fuck. you!

  2. But who are people to decide who wears what? Why is it OK to run around in
    all black, looking demonic? Why is it OK to wear thug clothes? Why is it OK
    to dress like a whore, or go outside like a homeless person? It’s called
    FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. If someone wants to dress like that, WHO CARES? They
    don’t deserve to be beaten or killed for it! My GOD. Those people have
    feelings and emotions too. They have mothers, brothers, family who love
    them and care about them just like you care about yours!

  3. So much hate radiating from you. You will obviously go to hell too. I pray
    for you and your disgusting soul.

  4. Madonna has very nice cool show..but when she do certain things in Russia
    like showing her butt, boobs…after saying the speech about gays and their
    rights, she looks funny there and not very smart..,noone will be surprize
    there by her butt and tits..its not cool there,..and gays,yes, they can
    exist, live their life, but not demonstrate their sexual things in
    public…especially where kids can see, because it does not look there cool
    or something beautiful. That’s all.

  5. You do realize that gay men and women in Russia are being arrested for
    simply protesting in public, right? Their safe havens are being invaded by
    skinheads, neo-Nazis, and fundamentalists and they’re being beaten and
    then, when police intervene, thrown in jail while their assailants walk
    free. Right? If you are against gay men and women collectively coming
    together and holding protests or parades, you are most certainly against
    the exercise of rights by gay men and women.

  6. but there r millions of gays in Russia .. didn’t see anyone get picked on
    or anything. well except Fags – man who dress like women/clowns – those get
    killed… i am not against gay rights but say no to gay parads. Seriously i
    have seen these gay parades there not pritty. i mean being gay is one
    thing. dressing like a freaky lady pet monkey is unappropriate!

  7. Russia is so foolish. They pass all these laws to shut us up, and by doing
    so they give us the most publicity we’ve had in hundreds of years. Have
    they learned NOTHING from the soviet era? Slow learners.

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